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Play Battalion: Arena Battalion: Arena Sep. 24, 2009
server failures...
Play Argue (Real-Time Strategy) Argue (Real-Time Strategy) Oct. 21, 2008
Logging into argue! Wow, that's a fun game, I do enjoy watching that never change.
Play Kongai Kongai Jun. 30, 2008
Allow for the ability to duplicate an existing deck. This allows for an easy ability to copy a deck you like and make minor tweaks to it without forgetting what your original deck was.
Play Kongai Kongai Jun. 19, 2008
A little bit more flexibility in which cards you get would be wonderful.
Play Arcane Arcane Jun. 10, 2008
They key to success is to replay a few of the levels, gaining enough money to purchase they higher level armor and weapons.
Play Nano War Nano War May. 20, 2008
This game is good, fantastic for a beta. You need to make the following additions for superstardom: 1. Multiplayer (sounds like it's coming) 2. Improve AI (ideally 2 levels of AI) that is more of a math problem than anything else for this game. 3. Figure out a way to eliminate the initial method of beating the levels easily by attacking the large circles directly.
Play Music Bounce Music Bounce May. 16, 2008
Play Brute Wars Brute Wars May. 12, 2008
Best combo (obviously all MAX'd): (Fire) Battering Ram's all along the front row. (Shadow) Vulture's all along the back row. Attack with the vulture's first, which are immune it counterattack. Next attack with the rams. I can always take out the front three monsters before they attack and often get in 1-2 hits on the back monsters. With this setup I beat the last castle without losing anyone. ----- To the person who said: "Once your guys are maxed, the difference between a 2AC and a 1 AC is very small (at max a 2 becomes a 3 and a 1 becomes a 2)". That's just not true. You're using the wrong monsters in that case, since a battering ram will double the damage it can output (13 becomes 26).
Play Chronotron Chronotron May. 08, 2008
@jasonskjonsby - Save level function? You can choose from any level you've completed. Most levels take 3-4 guys max and you want to save it? @bohunk - ALWAYS and WITHOUT EXCEPTION? If it screwed up that often I don't think it would be getting an above 4 average. Perhaps you need to adapt a bit?
Play Thing-Thing 4 Thing-Thing 4 Apr. 04, 2008
This is an horrific game with a decent storyline. Why not just make this into a flash movie and stop the pain of gameplay.
Play Contour Contour Mar. 12, 2008
The Jump,2-4,1-5,5-9,2-1,7-1,2-2,1-1,4-2,1-3,5-8,2-4,4-4,1-3,5-7,1-1,2-2,4-7,1-2,5-6,1-1,2-1,4-9,1-2,5-5,1-1,4-11,1-2,5-4,4-13,1-2,5-3,1-1,4-13,1-2,5-2,1-1,4-14,1-2,5-1,1-2,4-14,1-5,4-12,1-3,5-1,1-4,4-10,1-3,5-2,1-4,4-9,20-1,1-2,5-3,1-4,4-7,20-2,19-1,1-1,5-4,1-5,4-4,20-3,19-1,1-1,5-5,1-5,4-1,2-1,20-3,19-1,2-2,5-5,1-6,20-3,19-1,2-1,8-1,2-1,5-6,1-6,20-1,19-1,2-1,8-3, #
Play Metro.Siberia Metro.Siberia Feb. 25, 2008
This seems like a waste of effort to me. What's next, pong?
Play Follis Follis Feb. 25, 2008
Good idea, it's been done before better:
Play Sensou 1.5 Sensou 1.5 Jan. 17, 2008
To make this game fun/usable: 1. More realistic randomization, the code should be freely available on the internet. This is obviously off. 2. Easier gameplay, canceling at every stage is vexing to say the least. Cut down on mouse clicks. 3. If you're going to show the dice roll, always show the dice roll, don't skimp out in specific scenarios.
Play Monsters' Den Monsters' Den Dec. 16, 2007
After the loading screen a back screen displays. That's it.
Play Dolphin Olympics 2 Dolphin Olympics 2 Nov. 29, 2007
Would like to try the game but it doesn't load. Oh well, so much for that badge. I did file a bug report, but that doesn't help me right now. Sounds like a fun game though.
Play N3wton N3wton Nov. 07, 2007
Look at the capital letters in the help text in 21. They are coordinates on a compass, think "South East", "South", or as complicated as "South West South".
Play Hero RPG Hero RPG Nov. 05, 2007
I use firefox in Linux and can see the text. It is rather obnoxiously big however. I'm not a flash developer, but is there a method of embedding the fonts you are using in the flash movie? This may solve the problem. Otherwise, nice work!
Play Rigby Rigby Oct. 30, 2007
Perhaps you should encode the URL that sends high scored a bit better? Scores of 1 million are a bit high eh?
Play Telepath RPG Chapter 2 Telepath RPG Chapter 2 Oct. 24, 2007
Yes: 1. Storage Space set to unlimited. 2. Have not cleared cookies in any manner.