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Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Aug. 13, 2014
props for boss battle breakdown!
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Aug. 07, 2014
My computer froze and I had to reboot it. Lost all my progress :(
Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Mar. 24, 2014
Poison set shows no bonus. :(
Play Geosketch Two Geosketch Two May. 22, 2013
481 120 481
Play Wonder Rocket Wonder Rocket May. 04, 2013
Also the achievement under "Ace" has no rollover info
Play Wonder Rocket Wonder Rocket May. 03, 2013
A quality change button would be nice and would help with some lag issues
Play Wonder Rocket Wonder Rocket May. 03, 2013
My shockwave player crashed during my game and I lost all my progress!
Play Seedling Seedling Aug. 08, 2012
I really wanted to finish the game but the monster ribcage kept randomly pushing diagonally into corners so I gave up. Still loved the game!
Play Legend of the Void Legend of the Void Dec. 03, 2011
I ended up picking up 4 Valiance swords by the end of the game :)
Developer response from violatorgames

Blame the Random Number Generator!

Play Doom Forge Doom Forge Nov. 18, 2011
I used the Elixir of Rebirth because I ruined my stats and wanted to start over, and now the game won't load. Not cool.