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check out my youtube channel
>>> http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSuperButtBuffalo
Add me on steam… if you would like Steam name is :Karen20122 or 22012 one or the other and you can also do superbuttbuffalo to

Here ill tell you a story about my life. so just a year a go my dog died sadly but that was a long time ago. so a while after she died we moved to a new house nothing rly cool about it just what a regular house would have and I was also closer to my school to so about 3 months after my mom started dating cas my parents where separated sadly so it was just me and my older sister and she got a job at McDicks that’s what we call it so I was home alone with my cat and later on he died that was a few months ago so I was alwase home alone from then on no one there to talk to always sad I had nothing to do but go on my xbox360 and my computer witch thats not that fun unless some one cool is online. witch on my xbox no one i rly like is online but there was one of my best friends and then he started being a dick. so i had to unfriend him so then there was no one at all on my xbox that was cool and ever on line and i told my life to some on on my xbox and later on he said you should go kill your self and I said there’s no point I will die any ways. so he was also a dick so i did cut my self once but it felt so bad and i said to my self why do people do this it dose not feel good and if it dose not feel good don’t do it so I did have vary few friends at my school but they hit puberty and they started being jackasses so I had no one in my life to talk to other then my only good friend and he started getting me involved in stuff so I made a lot more friends thankfully but my life was still vary sad and my dad never came to my house any more to pick me up and so my life started being a asshole to me again. lets just say I want to hang my self so badly at this point but I’am trying not to because i have so many people that care about me now. and I’am going to see my dad in just a little bit but there is this new kid at my school and he is the worst person I have ever med and lets say I med a lot of ass holes back then. But this kid is the rudest person I have ever met I wont even say the shit he said about me. and I thought my life was bad before now I just want to kill my self and take this kids testys and make him choke on them till he dies and I don’t want it quick and painless slow and painful all the way. But I’am not that kind of person that will do that and I don’t know where I will get the shit to do so. Because my family is vary poor so not a good idea. and my B-day is coming up and after X-mas and all that stuff and after Valentines day witch and I’am always upset when that comes because ill bring you back into my past. In grade one on V-day after school i nearly got killed by three men thinking I was someone ells I don’t remember who because I was in grade 1. So I was late coming home because I got in a fight so it was about 4:15 around that time and I got pulled into a bush and that’s when I got attacked buy them all i remember was having a knife to my neck and I got so lucky because the police came but they ran and the police were going some where ells thankfully. and I ran all the way home and never told any one since grade 7 because V-day makes me think of that moment so I started crying and a few people were on my ass wondering what happened so later I tolled them and and a lot of people felt so bad and I felt so grate after and I had less shit to keep to myself. That’s the story about V-day so if you could don’t ever tell me that its V-day or i will be so upset and will keep having flash backs. The only time I see my sister and my mom is at night and in the morning there never there so I always take care of my self making my own food finding some thing to entertane me till they get back. so that’s a bit of my life story.

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