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check out my youtube channel
>>> http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSuperButtBuffalo
Xbox 360 GT : MrBellPepper184
P.S I’m really 14
If you Play Helmet Heroes My Gt is (Bellpepper) Brackets not Included

My Name has long been forgot by a land of broken dreams and records oh I wish I could go back and restart what I have done but my name will not exist by those who care or have once cared
my name would live on but by the one who takes all memories has made it hard to live on but I always say to my self if you think its out there go for it until the end be the one who lives on in history,but one day lived another one up ahead for one who has no name its hard to do all this but you can if you have hope!!!!

Living life is something you will not understand were born we live we Die what else is there. Who crated god If god cant create himself He cant be an entity If time started some where! Every where Life is like an empty dark box Nothing really happens if we Live then die just like that You cant say there’s so much to live for when you always die in the end! I have talked 2 of my friends out of Suicide and I never liked it! After all this time Being depressed now god knows what reason is it! I’m an Anti social person in the real world I try to make myself seem fine like I don’t give a fuck in the world witch I really don’t with most things I! try to be One of the best but there’s always that ass hole that comes in and Takes you down like your a toothpick and I hate people that do that. I try to be social on Gaming websites cause to be honest I would have killed my self if I had not. I thank all the people that are not Complete ass holes witch Most of the people I know are But you cant save someone that suffers corruption so easily. I try to help but most of the time I get no where sometimes I feel like If I had played tug of war that day with the ceiling I would have lost and made it so much easier But I’m glad I stayed!. I’m glad I not say what I think of the person at the time even if all the people that read this could be another ass hole that Wont give a shit… Well fuck you sigh I don’t give a fucking shit what you think If your just another One of toughs people. People that think they have it hard! are you really close to living on the streets Yeah I did not think so… So Shut the fuck up about your problems Put them on a Bio cause then people will care to look one day…One day sigh/Whispers*Fuck my life in every way * .

Life Story…

Hello my name dose not matter and this is my life story. I grew up in a house like any other But people say it was Haunted. Just after a whole family dies in a house dose not make it Haunted and a name on the veranda of one Of the people who died. 1 died by his own mother By being ran over and they say it was not By and Accident 2 committed suicide and the last No one knows. But this was a beautiful house and I stayed there till I was 9 A great town but once I left There were a lot of drugs Going on there. there was never Much to tell in a small town like that but What ever. Started moving a lot But I finally got to stop now! ‘My family…’ I Have a great family but My parents got divorced when I was 9 After We lost my Aunt to a Heart attack I still remember being there when it happened and I still know the last thing she ate a PB and J sandwich she died when I was 8… Then my Other aunt died but I don’t remember much of her we only met like 9 times and I was 7 when I last saw her so not much there. Then my Dog died when I was 11 Saddest I have ever been she was A female and she never was fixed I still remember what I was doing at the time and My Mom came back and It took here time to get in so I thought all was well then she came in wit the Leash in her hand and her head Indicating it was a No crying and then I Yelled No Like it was the end of the world and every one I loved had all Died. Then one year later my Cat died I could not watch the Vet come in and take him away and Put him down But it was for the best after all the fleas in the house we were in and it was infested so We had to do it as Much as we did not want to It was not as bad as my dog though. That’s my family… I left out Deaths… but that’s my somewhat Life story I left out a lot for my reasons only But there you go!

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