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Play K.O.L.M. K.O.L.M. Jan. 04, 2011
Very simple, but lots of texture. Solid design. I enjoyed this a lot. The effects mostly, as there are many similar Flash Metroid-likes out there (although this is a good example), and Give-Up-Robot style 'strange computer protagonists', but they brought an atmosphere which set it apart (as well as the creative use of level design.)
Play After Years in Dark Tunnels After Years in Dark Tunnels Oct. 11, 2010
Really enjoyed the atmosphere on this one... Thanks!
Play Psychic Prison Break Psychic Prison Break Aug. 25, 2010
Thanks for all the comment guys, good and bad. And sorry if it it upset anyone. I'm glad it connected with some of you. It was written in two afternoons for a compo so I decided to leave it at that, even though I would have like more time to work on the dialogue... :) But I'm going to be doing a lot more small (but slightly bigger than this) games here on Kongregate with the engine I built for Psychic Prison Break. I built it mainly so I could tell stories easily, because I wanna try and tell stories which I don't really see much in other games... Anyway, I have lots of short adventures planned, so stay tuned! Thanks again for playing.
Play Space Gate Space Gate Aug. 11, 2010
Awesome work... The engine is super smooth, and the graphics, sound and explosions are kinetic! Hope this receives the recognition it deserves.
Play memrrtiks, suashem memrrtiks, suashem Jul. 31, 2010
Play ACTION TURNIP!!! ACTION TURNIP!!! Jul. 04, 2010
I really like it but feel the difficulty could ramp up more smoothly (suddenly went from too easy to too hard when enemies started firing). Music reminded me of Blood Money on the Amiga - the weird catchy riff and especially the lofi vocal sample (although felt it needed more variation). Graphically nice but I'd like to see a different backdrop - the smooth shading doesn't quite work with the foreground for my money... Good work, sure it'll be a success!