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Play Stick Creator V2 Stick Creator V2 Dec. 28, 2010
very boring it was a wast of time to play it
Play Shoot Random Guys Shoot Random Guys Dec. 17, 2010
awesome game, loved it.
Play Book of Mages: The Dark Times Book of Mages: The Dark Times Dec. 15, 2010
awesome game, i love it. i picked Black Mages and i ended up with rank Satan and reputation Myth. lol!
Play Journalizm (unlocked) Journalizm (unlocked) Dec. 15, 2010
i spended all my money on managers and authors. they were working for 10 sec and the a zombie and hitman come up the elevatot, so i lost it all. Damn!
Play escape please escape please Dec. 13, 2010
whoever thougt off this game: f*% you. this game is a piece of shit i wouldnt even r4ecommend it to my worst enemy. + if u agree.
Play GrindQuest Beta GrindQuest Beta Dec. 13, 2010
love it.
Play Ghostscape Ghostscape Dec. 13, 2010
good fun game, but i was prettyscared when i opened the wardrobe.
Play Bob the Button Bob the Button Dec. 13, 2010
i am bob addict now! love the game!
Play Nightmare Invaders Nightmare Invaders Dec. 11, 2010
what the hell? was this a game?
Play The Land of Peacecraft The Land of Peacecraft Dec. 11, 2010
if Kongregate wants to be a serious game site, it should delete this bullcr*p from the site. o yea, HORDE RULES!!!!
Play 1066 1066 Dec. 08, 2010
awesome game, i love it! only 1 complaint: the game is too short. but defenetily 5/5. is there a sequel to this game?
Play You Think You Can Win? You Think You Can Win? Dec. 08, 2010
2 words: suckass crap
Play Zombie Outbreak Simulator Zombie Outbreak Simulator Dec. 07, 2010
like this game but its get boring very fast
Play Voodoo Doll creator Voodoo Doll creator Dec. 05, 2010
this game sux
Play Make a Zombie Make a Zombie Dec. 05, 2010
graphics could be better, i would also recommend a entire body to customize, 2\5
Play When The Plague Came When The Plague Came Dec. 01, 2010
love the graphics and the upgrade system. i totally dislike the risk lvl thing.
Play City Smasher City Smasher Nov. 30, 2010
it needs upgrades, and other stuff like that.
Play Viricide Viricide Nov. 28, 2010
this game sux, thats all i have 2 say.
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! Nov. 26, 2010
XD i bought too many buzzsaws and i was AFK for like 20 min and i had over 400000 combo lolz
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! Nov. 26, 2010
nice, fun game, but its really easy to complete. also a bit few items, thats too bad.