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Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Jul. 28, 2014
* 7.4 Septillion still needed. All these 000's are confusing :D
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Jul. 28, 2014
Well, now I'm heading for the last achievement. 262 Quintillion J/s 15 levels left to upgrade on the Portal. I calculate 7.4 Octillion Jellies still needed. which will take 8 more hours of idling. Not usually a fan of Idle games, but for some reason this one hooked me from the start. Maybe because there is a big strategic element to the game. 5/5
Play Icebreaker The Gathering Icebreaker The Gathering Jun. 24, 2014
So I came back to have another go and noticed the movie camera icon on the top right. clicking this turns off mouse scrolling and makes this game playable. Please disregard earlier comment :D
Play Icebreaker The Gathering Icebreaker The Gathering Jun. 22, 2014
woop, a new icebreaker game... but.... as much as I like this series I'm giving up on lvl 5 purely because of the constant battle to keep the screen centered on where I want it. Is it so hard to put in the option to turn off the edge screen scrolling? I was disappointed that Red Clan didn't have this option, but struggled through anyway. This time i'm not going to bother.
Play 3D Logic 3D Logic Mar. 12, 2014
Really needs a way to un-paint squares. hardest part of this game is remembering which squares are 'in use' and which can be reused after changing a path.
Play Dwarf Tales: Awakening Dwarf Tales: Awakening Oct. 19, 2013
I like the concept, but you almost lost me on level 1 - WTF am I supposed to do?. Some sort of tutorial level is definitely needed. You have lost me at Level 3, the soul's erratic movements make it uncontrollable and turn a potentially good game into a pointless fight against the control system.
Developer response from Toptor

Thank you. I think that can change in the controll system. Can you describe how you would be interested to controll the soul?

Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Sep. 28, 2013
Trying to get diamond trophies - the hardest part is AVOIDING the transform pickups. On later levels these are significantly weaker than upgraded standard weapons
Play Color The Town Color The Town Feb. 26, 2013
was getting interesting until lvl 6 where the paint does not last long enough to reach the green house. After 30 mins of frustration I checked out the walkthrough and yes, thats how I was trying it. Tried again copying the walkthrough to the pixel and the paint still does not go anywhere near far enough. Still 2/5 for concept.
Play Numberis Numberis Sep. 23, 2012
if you could map the arrow keys and the space bar to the relevant buttons it would make it much easier (physically) to play. At the moment the games hardness is trying to click the right icon whilst watching the falling number. Neat twist on a game though, top marks for innovation.
Play Jahooma's LogicBox Jahooma's LogicBox Aug. 24, 2012
Vanderwaal: You need to change your solution for number 8. Although you passed the tests on puzzle 8, your "is empty" box isn't working properly. I had the same problem. A sandbox mode to see where things are going wrong would help.
Play Dawn of the Dragons Dawn of the Dragons May. 12, 2012
Oh great. Heath bar on top of screen, action button on bottom of screen, and the game screen is taller than my monitor. Click, scroll up, scroll down, click, scroll up, scroll down....
Play Mr. Bree - Returning Home Mr. Bree - Returning Home Feb. 15, 2012
Like the game, but the lag is unbearable. Somehow you managed to use 122% of my cpu! Running Safari on a 2Ghz macbook with audio and sound fx off and lowest quality.
Developer response from TawStudio

Sven, can you tell me your flash player version, please?

Play Zombie Minesweeper Zombie Minesweeper Dec. 23, 2011
Playing on a Mac, ctrl click only works as a right click sometimes (approx 60% of the time - this occurs on most other unity games too). The other times it's treated as a left click. Of course when this happens the heroine walks to the spot you clicked on, which you KNOW is a mine, and promptly decorates the forrest with her innards. An option to use spacebar for eg to plant flags would be appreciated. I really like this game, I just can't play it :(
Play Isoball X1 Isoball X1 Dec. 17, 2011
5/5 until level 34. Not being able to see the doors makes it a real ballache - took about an hour with trial and error building paths to send the ball into the hidden areas at varying heights until I could work out where the doors were. Then of course forgetting where they were when it came to making the actual path to the exit and having to do it all again with paper this time. I know there is a walkthrough, but whats the point of playing if you have to cheat. still other than that bit of bad level design the rest of the game is great. 4/5
Developer response from 3dleigh

Thanks for persisting! I designed it that way on purpose to mix it up a little, sorry it didn't work for you, will consider it in the next level pack. Thanks.

Play iR obot iR obot Dec. 13, 2011
Anyone find the save file on their mac? I've had a good look but can't find anything. Great game and lots of Kudos to the dev for bugfixing, but I'm reluctant to start a new campaign with the chance of having to restart for the 3rd time.
Play Stunt Crazy Stunt Crazy Jun. 03, 2011
First thought was "How're you supposed to do anything with no wheels". Then I read the update text and it clicked. You're supposed to fly / bounce / explode your car around the set to get the best stunt. Great idea.
Play Bubble Tanks 3 Bubble Tanks 3 Feb. 09, 2011
Ahhh. The final boss is the one that takes up most of the edge of the bubblefield and spawns enemys. I spent ages yesterday searching for the boss without realising I'd already killed it. Started again today, met and killed the boss (still thinking it was not the *final* boss) and got the badge. Maybe all the people who are searching also thought the same?
Play Picma Picma Dec. 21, 2010
my only gripe is that it is difficult to see the light grey numbers, and I have to do those puzzles sitting at an angle to the screen to see them (my eyes are getting old). Otherwise this is one of my fav puzzlers :)
Play Medieval Rampage 2 Medieval Rampage 2 Aug. 14, 2010
White targeting cursor on a mainly white background doesn't work, otherwise no complaints. No lag either and I'm playing on a 4 yr old laptop.
Play Best Friends Forever 3 Best Friends Forever 3 Jul. 20, 2010
Do not activate the Zoomy extra, you wont be able to click on any of the buttons on the menu, and you cant turn it off. Now I'll restart the game and hope my progress was saved.