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Play 1Quest 1Quest Jul. 30, 2014
YOU CAN CLICK AND DRAG TO LOOK AROUND. a few hours in and i am just learning this, how did i not stumble into it on accident.
Play 1Quest 1Quest Jul. 30, 2014
if possible please make fire breath fire when you click in a field that it can hit, instead of walking into the middle of a pile of high damage melee enemies and dying like a drunk idiot.
Developer response from RatzNGodz

It should be possible, but you won't have control over the angle for the breath. The best way is to click on firebreath and then on the tile next to you to breath in that direction.

Play 1Quest 1Quest Jul. 29, 2014
okay so twice in a row, i got instantly destroyed by a swarm of ranged mobs seeing me an shooting me down before i could even get to a place where i could even SEE them, let alone do anything to them. put a range cap in on enemy mobs.
Play 1Quest 1Quest Jul. 29, 2014
it's also garbage that enemies in line of sight can attack me and i can't do anything about it because of the view angle.
Play 1Quest 1Quest Jul. 29, 2014
please tell me how to stop the game from spending my xp. i know i am able to but can't find the buttons
Developer response from RatzNGodz

You can deactivate all of it in the class panel (auto-xp depend on the class), or each skill independently in the skill panel

Play 1Quest 1Quest Jul. 29, 2014
using a ranged ability "cannot move to target" so just shoot it from here?
Developer response from RatzNGodz

You were probably rooted and out of range / line of sight

Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kingdom Rush Frontiers Jul. 14, 2014
$5 for A character in a free flash game seems way over priced to me.
Play Zombie Crusade Zombie Crusade Jul. 14, 2014
hit "space" to speed up
Play Renegades Renegades Jul. 09, 2014
if you have line of sight to an enemy you should be able to shoot them. like from a balcony down on a zombie.
Play Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 Jun. 23, 2014
could you allow us to target a square with aoe spells (like ice blast) so i can use it on enemies that are right next to me without committing suicide in the process?
Play Infectonator: Hot Chase Infectonator: Hot Chase Jun. 03, 2014
flappy zombie .....
Play Castaway 2 Castaway 2 May. 24, 2014
likwid games has the best loading screen
Play Zombotown Zombotown May. 06, 2014
rifle high damage can't sustain fire at all, better off using anything else
Play StealthBound StealthBound May. 03, 2014
never ever ever make double tap be the sprint command, it is hte most direct indication that you don't have enough experience PLAYING games.
Play Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 May. 03, 2014
also; for a sequel/expansion, consider the other archetypes, like necromancer.
Play Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 May. 03, 2014
to anyone wanting a "skip" button, try holding space bar.
Play Ballistic Ballistic May. 02, 2014
grenade launcher with 4 second fuse is unusable garbage. the only way to do any damage at all is by enemy carelessness. you progress through kills and assists, can't do damage = no progress = game feels terrible. be back in a couple weeks to see if it's fixed.
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 30, 2014
please add a something so i can turn music off.
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 29, 2014
so 182 credits without boost compared to 728 credits with the boost.....yep completely fair.... are you kidding or is this a bug?
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 21, 2014
really fun game, if you make a sequel; consider letting us play as the other characters. but otherwise it's really good