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Apr 26, 2016 1:24pm

I think there is a bug with your account because the good tyrant game is gone and all that is left is some disgusting version called tyrant unleashed? yea might wana get it checked out.

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Apr 25, 2016 11:01am

25/4 event guild clash reward bug, got 90 personal points reward and my personal points more then 300, please ask for correct rewards

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Apr 9, 2016 12:53pm

Thanks a lot, my message to you seems to have reached TyrantShiva and he super apologized to me in a private message recently. + 1 for you. If you need another fan or friend, please let me know. Thanks again !

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Apr 8, 2016 3:43pm

Hello, what happened to TyrantShiva ? I send him a private message on 18/3/2016 and also yesterday 7/4/2016. Still no reply. Yet he promised to contact me with regard to a reward issue that did not arrive at support. Can you do something about it? I would certainly appreciate any reply. FC905065, player of SS and TU.

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Apr 7, 2016 11:42am

whats up with the upgrade in spellstone that won’t allow you to play anymore?

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Mar 24, 2016 1:27pm

I just bought 300 war bonds on Tyrant twice, once with spare credits and once with money. But neither time did I receive them. Can you check and fix this please.

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Lightfinger Mar 24, 2016 1:30pm

Just reloaded the game and one lot of war credits appeared

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Mar 17, 2016 1:49am

Hi from where has player 11219274 barrier cuz has not?

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Mar 9, 2016 10:32pm

I miss War Metal: Tyrant ):

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shotgun007 Mar 11, 2016 4:05pm

yeah, I agree :’(

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Feb 29, 2016 7:21pm

Love the game.
The ‘Support’ button in ‘Menu’ doesn’t work on PC and I don’t like typing long messages on my mobile, so I try writing to you. Hope it’s OK.
when I start the game, in the lower left: ‘Development Console NullreferenceException’. And in lower right: ‘Development build’.…

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avatar for DoodleBoy

Jan 18, 2016 6:25am

Thanks for making another garbage, energy based, P2W game…

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Nov 11, 2015 3:25pm

Hey man, big fan of your work, I wanted to ask you is there a possibility to play the original tyrant, you know, the pre-unleashed one. That game was very nostalgic to me :P

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bionichydra Dec 10, 2015 4:56am

I miss my cards from the original Tyrant :(

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Slackr32 Dec 31, 2015 3:52am

what happened to the old tyrant

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Katman420 Jan 8, 2016 10:16am

Wow. Y’all completely dropped the original Tyrant for the new Unleashed one. WEAK!

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Nov 28, 2015 2:31am

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Nov 19, 2015 3:41am

hi i need your help. you are one of the guy that did spellstone. i really like that game but it isnt worknig for me im stuck on a screen where it says scout mission complete. i press on the chest but nothing happens and i reloaded the page but its the same when i get there again. please help me fix that somehow i even have a screen shot

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Oct 22, 2015 9:09am

Hey, I can’t get to normal story missions from current event, the “wormhole” is not there.. what is happening? I would like to play the other usual missions again and not be stuck on this situation.. thanks, Sanderos

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Oct 16, 2015 7:31am

Hello, I have a problem what happens is that I play Global Assault from 1year about doing in my cell and never played in the Web but recently just lost my phone and I bought a new one and installed the game again but the problem is I do not remember myself why I can not get in, could help me get my account.

My name in the game is jefersonmoasir

My …

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avatar for aquaquake

Oct 15, 2015 8:14am

Does releasing Spellstone mean closing Global Assault? (Just like closing WMT because of T:U)

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Oct 14, 2015 12:32pm

Why Spellstone not fun

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Oct 2, 2015 9:34am

Hi! Daily quests (the pvp ones) start an hour or more later every day

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Sep 17, 2015 8:22pm

I accidentally bought 200$ worth of war bonds on this account, which is my alt, and I meant to spend it on my main account, which is Tangokiller, so I could buy the rest of the overlord box, I had to get a refund for it but by that point the overlord box was already gone. Is there any possible way I could buy those cards again with the 200 I get ba…

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avatar for KDaae

Sep 14, 2015 7:44pm

Howdy from Texas! I’m not ‘new’ to T:U, been playing quite a while actually, but I have a question: Is there a site that has a better breakdown of the skills on cards than what is displayed in-game? Certain skills don’t make sense to me on the surface like Inhibit 4…how can I inhibit 4 skills on the opposing card if th…

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Aug 8, 2015 4:44pm

Tyrant was a great game. R.I.P. Tyrant. However Tyrant Unleashed is WAY too pricey and is junk next to the original.

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trentonwallace Aug 27, 2015 6:25am

so true

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piglet777 Sep 3, 2015 8:24am

yeah + in unleashed u need unity (only chrome is working on my computer)

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Sep 3, 2015 8:22am

:’( Why did u close tyrant?

avatar for JonathanZohD

Sep 1, 2015 11:31pm

in global assualt is there anyway to maybe get an open 10 option on supply drops ?

avatar for Silencerww

Aug 8, 2015 4:43pm

Tyrant was a great game but Tyrant is

avatar for ShizTokin

Aug 6, 2015 11:35am

XML Error. Mission 127. 18865 (does not exisst)> Crucible Jager?