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Play The Cliff 2012 VERSION 1.0 Idle The Cliff 2012 VERSION 1.0 Idle Nov. 05, 2012
I get the impression that... after a dozen exp upgrades (for 11000g), the speed does not increase anymore. Anyway.. is there an end to this? i'm not going to watch the rising of numbers to eternity
Play Escape from the Thing Escape from the Thing Nov. 05, 2012
scary. not really a challenge after you lock the thing
Play Where is My Watch Where is My Watch Nov. 05, 2012
so, after i know the 2 colors of the code it is easy to try and guess the third color. but it only works if you get the picture painted? i doesn't make much sense
Play FOR THE darWIN FOR THE darWIN Sep. 21, 2012
hey! absolutely love the concept! for me, this is one of the best games in the Ludum Dare contest! (but that priest reeeeally is anoying...)
Play Creatively Complicated Creatively Complicated Sep. 18, 2012
why is it that it's always the pretty girl who has the key??
Play Tower of Evolution Tower of Evolution Sep. 17, 2012
the spikes were a bit disturbing, but all in all a fun game.. I just wish something else changed with the evolution besides the looks!
Developer response from Heinz2001

Your skill evolves when you don't mutate and solve the game as monkey. It's called Devolution.

Play RGB Evolution RGB Evolution Sep. 16, 2012
I don't know what I should be doing
Play Space Ham Space Ham Sep. 16, 2012
I get a little confused with this key system (perhaps keyboard arrows to move+ mouse to control the tongue would feel more coordinated)
Play Slimes World Slimes World Sep. 16, 2012
great graphics!
Play Biovolve Biovolve Sep. 16, 2012
love the graphics! but hey... what is that thing that I have to reach in every level? and what is that red thing that appears when I touch it? (the first time I thought I'd died). i like this game, but I feel it lacks some elements, like extra challenges (enemies, items to collect.. I don't know..). It is cute, though; nice job!
Play Block Shoot Block Shoot Sep. 16, 2012
these keys are not very intuitive, kind of messy (could it be because I'm left handed?); anyway, don't feel like playing it like this
Play Improv Improv Sep. 16, 2012
I hate mr. potatochips/peanut/flip-flop/moustache guy
Play Improv Improv Sep. 16, 2012
what the heck?! how can I not die?
Play Dissolution Dissolution Sep. 16, 2012
Love the graphics and music, but it is very of enigmatic concerning the purpose of the game
Play We Just Got Serious We Just Got Serious Sep. 11, 2012
it seems that the "supply" of eatable shit enemies is very random, sometimes very scarce so that there's nothing you can do, even if you don't move and wait (so that you won't shrink to death) nothing happens. The idea is fun, but I didn't manage to evolve
Play Mushroom Man Mushroom Man Sep. 10, 2012
please help with level 83 (XOVL), I'm stuck and losing hope, seems impossible (I manage to get 3 keys, but not 4)
Play Rune Hunt Rune Hunt Sep. 08, 2012
great graphics... nice concept... but I hate the fact that I can't kill but I do die easily
Play Mushroom Man Mushroom Man Sep. 08, 2012
simple graphics, great puzzle! a whole lot of levels. really liked it, stopping on level 34 by now, but will come back some other time
Play Super Clew Land Super Clew Land Sep. 08, 2012
talk about frustration... please give us some energy levels or check points near the most dangerous stuff. I fully evolved and gave up the final scene because I keep dying and having to do it all over again. Besides that, great game, lots of fun, great music. Congratulations!
Play Nail Noid Nail Noid Sep. 08, 2012
perhaps you could add some different colors to the elements.. specially the boxes with different resistences.. also it would be nice to have some variety in the arrangements of them (I only played as far as level 3 so I don't know if this changes further, I really wasn't willing to keep playing).. the song is very melancholic, I feel depressed listening to this