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Ah nostalgia

while i still have a charger better do this

PIC 4 PIC(Get it?Like sub4sub)

A video I’ve made,bad editing tho


If you see something indecent in my profile please feel free to tell me so I can get rid of it,thank you

Friend of mine

Is it just me or are repetitive songs catchy ?

Most times you give a second chance you will get **** over. ~Tasos22

False hopes are everywhere. ~Tasos22

A man without a fear is a mad man.

~ Don’t know who said this pretty sure i read or heard it somewhere maybe even made it up :p

Not sure if anyone else “Owns” these quotes.

I don’t quote stuff but this was just too damn funny:

sune_atss: :l

sune_atss: .-.

sune_atss: l:

sune_atss: ._.

sune_atss: :|

sune_atss: .-.

sune_atss: l:

sune_atss: ._.

sune_atss: :l

sune_atss: .-.

sune_atss: l:

sune_atss: ._.

sune_atss: :l

sune_atss: .-.

sune_atss: l:

sune_atss: ._.

tasos22: C-c-c-c-ommmbooo breakerrr

sune_atss: facepans tasos_


tasos22: Beeh

007gard: You dam Mexican

tasos22: Oh shiet

tasos22: ive been spotted

tasos22: Jelena hug pls :o

gammaflux: then who are you anna?

JelenaKoprivica: hugs tasos there ya are

arlen4567: oh no

annagurl21: i am what i have been saying

JelenaKoprivica: and that is..?

livetools: =/ ok then

arlen4567: leafe her alone

tasos22: >:D you jealous live ? xD

gammaflux: ok :)

livetools: oh yeah im so jealous of all the hugging and kissing going on over there

tasos22: :3 You can join

livetools: oh my maybe i should go

tasos22: Golden rule

annagurl21: a super model that goes to college and cares about people and i am not a snob that people think i would ne so please can you stop making fun of me and make fun of someone else

tasos22: Noooess :O

JelenaKoprivica: kisses tasos’s cheek is this making u jealous live?

annagurl21: why because that was us

tasos22: xD

annagurl21: jelouse kisses tasos smack on the lips

livetools: hey ! get away from my anna

JelenaKoprivica: i could tell tasos that u have a girl thats crazy in love with ya

KevVan: makes out with Tasos

livetools: xD

annagurl21: makes out with taos

KevVan: Jealous?

livetools: (grabs gamma)

annagurl21: makes out with tasos

JelenaKoprivica: Tasos ur becoming more popular in this room than Dayovernight

livetools: lolz

tasos22: O_o

tasos22: Shiet im being raped

annagurl21: LOL :)

JelenaKoprivica: u need some help tasos>

JelenaKoprivica: ?*

KevVan: 5 way, me, Anna, Tasos, Jelena, Live and Gamma.

gammaflux: what?

tasos22: I’ll be fine :o


Oaktree: Make joke anyway?

DrMooMoo: Uh..

DrMooMoo: Potato?

Oaktree: Potato.

tasos22: Potato!

DrMooMoo: Potato.

Oaktree: Potato!?

tasos22: POTATO!!!

DrMooMoo: Potato! :D

MrGravy: so I counted the silences
MrGravy: and it is
MrGravy: a metric
DazzleMaria24: o-o
MrGravy: shitload
DazzleMaria24: HOW MANY?
WTF7702: Lol
MrGravy: all requested I think
DayProductions: Tasos’ silences?
DazzleMaria24: All requested.
DazzleMaria24: but.
GUARDIANPROTECTR: A silence shit load.
DazzleMaria24: HOW MANY?
DazzleMaria24: Yeah, Damion.
DazzleMaria24: Gravy, how many?
MrGravy: I would say
MrGravy: 100+
DazzleMaria24: HOLY ****
DayProductions: JESUS
DazzleMaria24: WOW.
DazzleMaria24: TASOS

kweezle: Dat silence?
hawk2535: wat about it?

Cylomar: August 4, 2009. Mark that date on your calendar, Tasos.(First user requested silence)

Thus the quest begins !

tasos22: May I have a silence psykotix ?:D
Psykotix: On whom?
tasos22: On myself.
tasos22: Why would I share ?!
DinoDanceFloorxD: lol
Psykotix: For how long?
tasos22: 15 !
Psykotix: You sure?
DinoDanceFloorxD: why would
tasos22: Yes I am
DinoDanceFloorxD: okay.
tasos22: Muahaha
Psykotix: Holy shit
Psykotix: That guy has 5 pages of silencings Oo
DinoDanceFloorxD: xD
Psykotix: Gotta have them all I guess
DinoDanceFloorxD: thats so weird

To JamieWolfyCook: I heard you lost your silence virginity,that’s sad D:
JamieWolfyCook: It was a pleasant experience, gentle and whatnot. (reply)
To JamieWolfyCook: Oh,care to show how it went ?:D
JamieWolfyCook: Well when a daddy mod and a mummy spammer love each other very much, they canoodle in a closet until a clickable box brings them a silence. (reply)\
JamieWolfyCook: You can’t see it but I’m doing hand actions to go along with the story (reply)


tasos22: I have a question
ProfessionalFire: mhm?
GRAM_CRACKER: gg, tasos.
tasos22: Gg no re

To JamieWolfyCook: Since you explained how silences are made care to answer my question ?:o
JamieWolfyCook: Sure (reply)
JamieWolfyCook: NO (reply)
To JamieWolfyCook: ;-;

To morgoth1: Dun dun
morgoth1: DUN!!! (reply)
To morgoth1: No damnit ! we are playing jaws !
morgoth1: aah, I thought there was something fishy (reply)
To morgoth1: Eye sea what you did there.
morgoth1: stop these puns for the love of Cod (reply)

To PsichoGhost: will you be my valentine ? xD
PsichoGhost: Valentines with an onion, eh? (reply)
To PsichoGhost: Gonna cry like hell m8

tasos22: Burn the kittens and watch sune in terror :L
sune_atss: :<
tasos22: Rekt

PenguinArmy: i’m zen :/
oqla: I’m peng
tasos22: i’m oats
Sywn: im tasos
darky14: Are you trying to cheat me again
darky14: im a gril btw
tasos22: Damn sywn you looking good

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