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Play The Blind Swordsman The Blind Swordsman Mar. 19, 2015
Who else plays this with their eyes closed >.<
Play Jacksmith Jacksmith Mar. 05, 2015
Wow so I make them buy my shitty weapons then follow them and steal all their loot... 10/10 realistic game
Play Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Feb. 05, 2015
I like this witch's personality... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Play Post it Draw it Post it Draw it Oct. 13, 2014
Dont Leave Me was here.
Play Man in Gap Man in Gap Sep. 29, 2014
My Brain: Error 404, Gap not found.
Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 23, 2014
How can a game so simple be this much fun!
Play Ninja Yubi Ninja Yubi Sep. 12, 2014
Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Sep. 06, 2014
Im suppose to complete this game in a day? >.>
Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Sep. 04, 2014
Am I the only one who spammed the "free cookies" so much my game crashed?
Play Range of the Dead Range of the Dead Aug. 14, 2014
Me: *miss* Ok... getting better just need to aim a little bit higher.. Player: THAT WAS TERRIBLE! Me: ; _ ;
Play oO oO Aug. 14, 2014
I love a good challenge. BRING IT ON!
Play Factory Balls 3 Factory Balls 3 Aug. 11, 2014
That level 26 @.@
Play The Last Stand: Union City The Last Stand: Union City Jul. 18, 2014
I cried a little when I saw a fridge full of food and only found a chocolate bar inside...
Play My Friend Pedro My Friend Pedro Jul. 14, 2014
I cant tell if this is part of the game. or did I take too much acid again..
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 12, 2014
Did i just find an Easter egg? In the crystal caverns there is a guy named Simon as in Simon the digger? and if you do his quest you get a Giga Drill as in Giga Drill Breaker from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan? or im i just crazy? :D
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Jan. 28, 2014
I cant stop playing this awesome game, Keep up the good work :D 5/5
Play Zombo Buster Zombo Buster Sep. 17, 2013
Dat Intro...
Play Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Jul. 30, 2013
I've always loved Yu-Gi-Oh!, Great Game! 5/5
Developer response from konamikg

Thank you! :)

Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Apr. 10, 2013
Im I the only one who got the "Pervert" achivement first?
Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Apr. 03, 2013
Overly manly man gone hunting?