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Play The Undead Survival Test The Undead Survival Test Jan. 28, 2012
80% leader 80% compassion 100% Common sense/survival practicum/like 4 other things a B for something and everything else was F or D...
Play summit summit Jan. 28, 2012
Funny thing is he technically didn't make this in 2 days...He just took endeavor and make it much smaller...Unless this came before and he worked on it to make endeavor...Then good job.
Play MIRROR MIRROR Jan. 27, 2012
I find it funny how ALL the top rated comments are rated negatively or not rated at all.
Play Lava Run Lava Run Jan. 27, 2012
Needs a mute button for this awful music...
Play Idle Chat Idle Chat Jan. 21, 2012
I got a 2000 spam bill on the side of the road?
Play Tepids Escape Tepids Escape Jan. 18, 2012
Why do the doors look like squares piled on eachother?
Play 5 DAYS 5 DAYS Jan. 14, 2012
I chose to die with boxy instead of survive alone.
Play You are a... The Sequel You are a... The Sequel Jan. 14, 2012
I am Master Jim the Evil, Evil mastertroll destined to rule all Europe. Sounds about right.
Play You are a... The Sequel You are a... The Sequel Jan. 14, 2012
I am tiny man the fabled viking prince destined to slay all of the Europe?
Play A Knight's Story 2 A Knight's Story 2 Jan. 13, 2012
Whoever the fan was that named a boss Akatosh...I love you...And TES.
Play Dress-Up-StickMan Dress-Up-StickMan Jan. 12, 2012
Are you...9?
Developer response from PlatformSamYo


Play Fire Starter Fire Starter Jan. 11, 2012
How many stories tall were these "stores" I fell off.
Play Rocket 1.4 Rocket 1.4 Jan. 11, 2012
Max all upgrades and then put max power and no time...4/5th of a way to mars in about 20 seconds.
Play Rocket 1.4 Rocket 1.4 Jan. 11, 2012
Why are there money and gems in the sky?
Play Creeping Creeping Jan. 11, 2012
Anyone else have a problem when they are hiding behind cover and then the game forces them to randomly shoot an entire clip?
Play My "Dear" Boss My "Dear" Boss Jan. 10, 2012
That boss can't be that bad?Even after ruthlessly kicking him out a window and trying to kill him SEVERAL TIMES he didn't fire you.
Play Ultimate Santa Battle Ultimate Santa Battle Dec. 31, 2011
I swear to god I made it to the Final Demon without being hit ONCE!And because my amazing score I had 1275 health when I got there...I left with 1223.
Play Adventure Story Adventure Story Dec. 30, 2011
For some reason the art style reminds me alot of Gonzossm...
Play Quest of Waffleman: The Tower of Seasons (demo) Quest of Waffleman: The Tower of Seasons (demo) Nov. 27, 2011
Your not crazy Mr.Krisp...Now...Chips in a tube...THATS CRAZY!
Play TF2 Crate Sim TF2 Crate Sim Nov. 27, 2011
2 Unusual in a row!?YES!