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Geek Mind

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Dec. 26, 2010

Rating: 1

I think "Where's Waldo" should also accept "Where's Wally". Wally is what Waldo is known as everywhere other than America, including England, where he originates.

Suicide Is Not The Answer

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Oct. 22, 2010

Rating: 349

I just have to say, it made me laugh. Not what I was expecting!

Don't Look Back

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Apr. 11, 2010

Rating: 0

Hi criket, it's probably reference to the greek myth about Orpheus. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orpheus look at the section "Death of Eurydice" for the story.

Don't Look Back

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Apr. 06, 2010

Rating: 0

Love it!

Factory Balls 2

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Apr. 04, 2010

Rating: 0

Really cool game, love the concept, addictive, not enough levels. What would be cool is a "free mode" where you can experiment and create whatever you want, and user-created content, where others can try to recreate what others have made.


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Mar. 08, 2010

Rating: 0

More of an interactive story than a game. As a game, it's not very good and extremely easy, but the visuals are nice and the story is deep.

The Company of Myself

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Nov. 29, 2009

Rating: 0

The gameplay was really fun and original, although a bit short and easy, (although I admit I did have a bit of trouble working out that last one) and I also thought the narrative was quite clever and original, too, for the gameplay. Until the end. It was kind of a cliche ending, a bit too spelled out, and I think I might've preferred it if you didn't make it relate to reality, and maybe let others interpret it as they will. Music was well-suited and really set the mood well.

Toss the Turtle

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Sep. 13, 2009

Rating: 0

I managed to get 31881.8 feet but didn't get the Hurdle the Turtle Challenge achievement