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Play Elements of Arkandia Elements of Arkandia Jun. 16, 2011
Once you get all four of the (element) storm spells, finishing the game becomes pretty trivial.
Play Valthirian Arc Valthirian Arc May. 23, 2011
I think Mana Stream is broken.
Play GemCraft Labyrinth GemCraft Labyrinth Apr. 30, 2011
Click on a stage to get to the skills page
Play Music Catch 2 Music Catch 2 Mar. 27, 2011
Having an early Yellow Madness makes all the difference
Play Not Your War Not Your War Mar. 21, 2011
Ok, I take that back, I'm getting massive lag again.
Play Not Your War Not Your War Mar. 21, 2011
It seems I just have to wait through ~10 seconds of lag at the beginning of each stage before the game runs smoothly.
Play Not Your War Not Your War Mar. 20, 2011
Probably would help to do some playtesting before releasing a game.
Play King's Guard King's Guard Feb. 20, 2011
I was having trouble with the Knighty Night badge too, but it seems to have eventually registered after refreshing or something.
Play King's Guard King's Guard Feb. 19, 2011
Is the Level 10 Hero badge not working for some people? It didn't work with a saved game, and it didn't work with a new game.
Play Sierra 7 Sierra 7 Feb. 16, 2011
Using the automatic shotgun makes the gun running challenge so much easier.
Play Arcuz (Full Version) Arcuz (Full Version) Jan. 31, 2011
What exactly does the small potion of resurrection do?
Play Castaway Castaway Dec. 09, 2010
If your pet disappeared, it's probably dead.
Play Cirplosion Cirplosion Dec. 08, 2010
Ugh, waiting... I don't understand the games logic for score submission. My score on the high score board is slowly creeping up. Someday it'll get above 2000...
Play Castaway Castaway Dec. 06, 2010
Wow, it takes 90 minutes to hatch a Wild Scorpion, which was a level 10 monster. I wonder how long it takes to hatch something that's level 20... And what's the purpose of having to wait so long to start using and training a new pet?
Play Rapid Fire Rapid Fire Dec. 02, 2010
@stone_fluidanims Ah, I see. I might have found a bug then. The price on the list says $110 (1 HP upgrade), but when I repaired from ~80HP, I don't think it cost me anything. So far it seems like the most effective strategy is to just buy some fire rate boosts every level. And auto fire would be nice since all that clicking is pretty taxing.
Play Rapid Fire Rapid Fire Dec. 02, 2010
How exactly does the rate of fire upgrade even work? Does it only last one round? Sometimes I can fire really fast, but sometimes it slows down a lot. Also, if repair kit increases in price with max HP, you should make it only cost how much HP is lost.
Play Don't Shit Your Pants Don't Shit Your Pants Jun. 23, 2010
I waited for a while with the game in the background before I got the badge. The API reporting probably needs a little tweaking.
Play Wake the Royalty Wake the Royalty Mar. 01, 2010
My save didn't get deleted. You probably just clicked New Game and deleted it yourself.
Play Mechanical Commando 2 Mechanical Commando 2 Feb. 25, 2010
Thanks Anomie for the ownage survival strategy. I got to wave 56 with 300/335HP before I got bored. Loadout was Big Laser, Energy Cell, Heavy White Cockpit , Repair Droid, and Heavy White Legs.
Play Mechanical Commando 2 Mechanical Commando 2 Feb. 25, 2010
For shoulder weapons only, you have to have the main weapon slot unequipped. And for all side quests, I have a feeling you missed one somewhere. I got both without issues.