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Feb 20, 2011 4:10pm

Teny I’m the maker of magnetizr
I’m currently designing the sequel.
I read your comment but what do you mean with the upgrades?
cool if you explained me your idea on the upgrades.

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teny Feb 23, 2011 11:08am

Maybe more effective Puller-thingys?
Able to place some new things?
Something like that…

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teny Feb 25, 2011 1:43pm


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Apr 30, 2010 3:27pm

i got some celles u can fight against… theyre big lol

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teny May 2, 2010 2:55pm

kk lol my computer is all ready fuked up with lagg so kk

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Jan 27, 2010 5:26pm

whered u get your avatar? its epic…

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teny Apr 22, 2010 8:25am

sorry for late reply but click on my acc then drag the picture across onto ur compu then go to your pics then its on desktop

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TeamChaos Apr 24, 2010 12:45pm


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teny Apr 25, 2010 7:41am

np urs is nice