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Toss the Turtle

Play Toss the Turtle

Jul. 05, 2012

Rating: 6

(biologist) Look! Judging by the cannon there and trail of bloody marks on the ground, it appears the turtle we are tracing is trying to launch itself! As we walk along the path it seems the the turtle started to slow down, until here, the impact spots are only inches apart until... it appears the turtle sat up. (biologist)You can clearly see the shell edge here. and umm... after that... it appears to have err... stood up up and walked away. (cameraman) It did WHAT!? (Biologist) The footprints and drops of blood lead to... a shop? and wait here a minute. (A few minutes later) That man tells me that yes, a turtle did come and buy a nuclear bomb. And als... LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!! *splat*

Dino Run

Play Dino Run

Jun. 28, 2012

Rating: 15

I am a Ste-go-saurus! *crunch*