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Play CS Portable CS Portable May. 20, 2013
KDR means nothing just play the fu.cking game.
Play Outernauts Outernauts May. 06, 2013
It's basically pokemon battles except with different creatures and a quest system.
Play CS Portable CS Portable May. 04, 2013
Half of you fktards in the comments can't spell for shit.
Play Ghost Hacker 2 Ghost Hacker 2 Apr. 28, 2013
I wish the internet didn't use data such as cookies and instead use regular space on my harddrive.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Apr. 06, 2013
An online card game... Seriously?
Play Wartune Wartune Apr. 04, 2013
This game is very unbalanced.
Play Hands of War 3 Hands of War 3 Apr. 03, 2013
Where is Leman?
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Mar. 26, 2013
Whenever I read the comments below the top comments I always see atrocious spelling and grammar! What the f*ck! It wouldn't kill you to spell correctly!
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Mar. 13, 2013
i is haz noez way to wim!!!@!@!!@@!!@!@!! ic ant bet tis gam!@@!@ I mean seriously people! Get better english >.>
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Feb. 09, 2013
We'll fix it later...
Play Crystal Saga Crystal Saga Nov. 22, 2012
ZeR0NeR Gtfo
Play CS Portable CS Portable Oct. 17, 2012
There should be a system where if someone is speaking in a different language that it should show up on your screen what language you speak in and vise versa too.
Play CS Portable CS Portable Oct. 03, 2012
I love this game :3 I come here everyday ^L^
Play CS Portable CS Portable Oct. 02, 2012
Using excessive caps, begging and poor spelling is probably not going to make things go faster is it.
Play Raze Raze Sep. 29, 2012
Lol after 2 years after finishing the game it still feels awesome to be kicking ass.sdee
Play CS Portable CS Portable Aug. 28, 2012
This game has improved immensely since I've last played this game but I wish the movement animations were back :(
Play RPG Shooter: Starwish RPG Shooter: Starwish Aug. 26, 2012
The the 3 things I liked/were surprised about this was when I discovered the great story plot. At first I thought Nafidi was a guy xD because I skipped the dioulage telling me Nafidi was a girl lol and after I forgot about this I played my pokemon crystal version on a new game and ended up calling my spinerack Narfidi xD
Play Miragine War! Miragine War! Aug. 21, 2012
When you turn the music off it turns off all sound too, please make different selection buttons!
Play Raze Raze Aug. 21, 2012
Lol Obviously people can't read jack for shit.
Play SAS: Zombie Assault 3 SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Aug. 21, 2012
It would be even nicer to get rid of the mass amount of hackers...