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Play HD Xyth HD Xyth Dec. 03, 2012
After a long, hard day of work, this game helps me not to become a homicidal maniac. :P Thank you for this God-sent gift.
Play Hexagon Hexagon Dec. 03, 2012
More brain drugs! More brain drugs! ~ NerdCubed
Play Hexagon Hexagon Nov. 30, 2012
Who else is here because of Dan?
Play Race The Sun Race The Sun Oct. 01, 2012
I know! Let's set down a rocket fast solar powered airplane on an alien planet where the days are 2 minutes long, and there are lots of jagged spikes on the landscape! And best of all, no reserve battery life!
Developer response from Flippfly

Makes perfect sense to us :P

Play Destroy Destroy Aug. 21, 2012
This isn't such a bad game, unlike what other people are saying. True, maybe it needs a bit of work, just to iron out a few bugs, and to improve the menu, maybe add some instructions, but other than that, I think it's a pretty good game! I look forward to seeing you improve it.
Play HighScores HighScores Jul. 29, 2012
This game is greater than actual f---ing sex. That said in an Australian accent, you know I mean it.
Play Journey Is Destination Journey Is Destination Jul. 09, 2012
Bravo, sir! This game is very, very good! :D
Play Dwarf Toss Dwarf Toss Jul. 06, 2012
Toss me! But wait... don't tell the elf!
Play ESCAPE ESCAPE Jun. 21, 2012
Sorry, my last comment went wrong. Did you add something that makes the red laser teleport up to your speed?
Play ESCAPE ESCAPE Jun. 21, 2012
Sir, the ninja is escaping! Should we deploy those thousands of electronic plates and replace the wall?
Play A Ride Home A Ride Home Jun. 09, 2012
O.O This could become such a brilliant game. It gave me chills! PLEASE oh PLEASE update it some more! :D