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Since this is long overdue time for a re-edit. Character list:::::: =========================== Name: Bullet (Blaze)------------------------ Age: unknown--------------------------------- Race: Lycan----------------------------------- Rank: Prince---------------------------------- Planet: Confiret----------------------------- Species Background:::::: Highly trained in close quarters combat and tend to avoid using high power projectile weapons due to strong belief in fighting their enemy head on, having designed ships to originally simply drop off troops onto enemy planets but quickly found that guns were needed in space combat. These creatures consistently kept the peace between multiple different species among the southern reaches of the milky-way galaxy, they had little information on human movement nor their existance until the U.S colonies began to sprawl out into their controlled space. As time progressed a war broke out between these creatures and the humans of Earth on their exploration of the stars. They had found that human life could be extended nearly twelve times more than a usual human's life-span causing a heated debate between the two species over rights of the chemical compounds needed to fuse Earth's atmosphere with it. This lead to a war later on when trade negotiations failed for obvious reasons. The war raged on for nearly 250 years and spanned from Confiret all the way to Jupiter before it finally ended in the destruction of Confiret and the obliteration of nearly all of its inhabitants. Those who survived have sworn to revenge their fallen friends and family. This war consisted of Earth, Yaoras and Confiret. Bullet had been one of the few to escape using a human frigate to get back to Earth and crash landed outside of an abandoned city, which 20 years later, was being used for biological enhancements to create the perfect race of war-faring creatures after having nearly been defeated by this variant of Lycan and having dealt with the longest war in human history. ---------------------------------------- Name: BlackScythe (Mitchell)-------------- Age: unknown------------------------------- Species: demon----------------------------- Rank: Outcast------------------------------- Planet: Confiret----------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- Hellhounds: Blackscythe's companions, loyal to the end and bred within the pits of hell. These creatures feed on the dead souls of fallen soldiers and kill those that pose a threat to their master.-------------- ------------------------------------------------ Shadow: Blackscythe's servant (and an actual shadow), this creature can reside within the darkness and devour living organisms to sustain a human form, otherwise he must release the body and return to the shadow of Blackscythe to keep from being destroyed.------------------ ----------------------------------------------- Name: Razor (Madrugar)-------------------- Species: Lycan------------------------------- Rank: Royal Guard-------------------------- Background: Bullet's brother and believes strongly in death being ultimate happiness, never having the apportunity of death from the self-defence that his bones create caused by a human experiment which ocurred during the "Black Moon Massacre" to test the density of his race's bones. ------------------------------------------------- Name:Striker:------------------------------- Species: Dratoris (Feline variation of the Lycan, making this a diverse yet reasonably close "cousin" to their hound-like counterparts)----------------------------- Rank: Royal Guard-------------------------- Planet: Yaoras--------------------------------- Character Background: friend of Bullet and Razor, his planet being destroyed by the same human war 'party' (as his race referred to them as) that attacked Bullet's home world. His form is feline in stature, however his athletic body was human in shape aside from the tiger-characteristics such as the tail, ears and padding on the toes and fingers of his hands and feet. His acrobatic skills rival that of an olympic gold medalist.--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Species background: Originally a creature which evolved from various lab experiments during the first stages of war between a sub-human race and a versatile wild-cat found on Confiret, these creatures found themselves fighting for their lives in the Black Moon Massacre allied with Lycans against their common foe only to receive the same gruesome defeat which Confiret had encountered. -------------------------------------------------- Saber:------------------------------------------ Species: Dratoris------------------------------ Rank: Soldier---------------------------------- Planet: Yaoras--------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Character background/info: Striker's brother however more feline in form compared to him. He doesn't speak, letting his fists and claws do the talking for him. His 'voice' is no more than grunts, growls and other inaudible noises. Little is known of this creature aside from what has been told by Striker.--------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Juggernaught: K.I.A -------------------------------------------------- Name: Bahamut------------------------------- Age: unknown--------------------------------- Species: Dragon------------------------------ Planet: Earth---------------------------------- Character background: The gaurdian of the skies, a silver dragon with a rage form that turns his scales jet black. His body can resize to different heights and lengths and has a human form to keep from scaring the local species. However he can only hold this form for a few hours. --------------------------------------------------

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