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Play Zombies Online Zombies Online Jan. 25, 2012
Why is this money-grabbing garbage on the frontpage again?
Play Zombies Online Zombies Online Dec. 21, 2011
I got to level 11 and the game is barely playable. The greed is strong with this one.
Play Don't Panic Don't Panic Jul. 12, 2011
What is with developers and shitty aspect ratios?
Play Elements of Arkandia Elements of Arkandia Jun. 10, 2011
It's like a poor man's version of Recettear.
Play Orbital Onslaught Orbital Onslaught Apr. 07, 2011
Nerdook, you are a god of brand marketing. How else could you get >4 stars on every game you make?
Play Ninja Hamsters vs Robots Ninja Hamsters vs Robots Feb. 10, 2011
You program faster than Notch. Damn.
Play Project Wasteland 0 Project Wasteland 0 Dec. 29, 2010
Man, if I wanted to play Fallout, I would play Fallout.
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Dec. 29, 2010
craw25, there is another stat that affects damage. I forget which it was.
Play Scrap Metal Heroes Scrap Metal Heroes Dec. 19, 2010
This is a really good game. I wish it were a bit longer, though. It's unfortunate that it was buried under the other 3 top games.
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Dec. 09, 2010
You are quite possibly the fastest flash game developer in history.
Play Demons Took My Daughter Demons Took My Daughter Nov. 19, 2010
One stack of piercing blocks is all you need to beat this game.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Sep. 06, 2010
I think I found a bug. In the Cat Dungeon, I fought the boss; everyone was alive; Matt failed to get any experience (he's now a level behind T_T)
Play Anticristum Anticristum Jul. 10, 2010
Nice trolling of Christians, heh.
Play Fantasy Online Fantasy Online Jun. 01, 2010
Long time member of Kong here. Forcing people to sign up for Facebook to attain "bonuses" is bullshit. Try not to penalize those who protect their own privacy next time. 1 star from me until you remove it.
Play Elements Elements May. 16, 2010
I'll be frank. This game is just amazing. It has depth and character. It doesn't try to money-grab like the other "multiplayer" games on Kong.
Play Junk Battles Junk Battles May. 16, 2010
Been stuck in a black screen for every 10 hours now. This game is buggy as shit.
Play Gate Of Apocalypse Gate Of Apocalypse Apr. 28, 2010
It's like HOMM
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Apr. 24, 2010
Play Valthirian Arc Valthirian Arc Apr. 09, 2010
Kind of reminds me of Valkyrie Profile.
Play Forks And Arrows Forks And Arrows Apr. 08, 2010