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Play Starlight 2 Starlight 2 Nov. 10, 2011
Please give us the option to remove the timer? I felt like rushing (and got 3:55:172 on first try ^^) and did not relax at all.
Play Pursuit of hat Pursuit of hat Nov. 10, 2011
I'll give it a 4/5 istead of 5/5 for disappointing ending =(
Play Concerned Joe Concerned Joe Nov. 03, 2011
LAWL! I manged to glitch myself into the credits!
Play Concerned Joe Concerned Joe Nov. 03, 2011
Why is 4chan greyed out in credits?
Play Stolen Art Stolen Art Nov. 02, 2011
ME: Yes, I found an error. this picture is a fake. GUY: What? It is just a missing cat... That does not prove anything! Find exactly 4 more errors and I'll belive you.
Play Katwalk Katwalk Nov. 01, 2011
A swimming cat? this game is too unrealistic for me....
Play Concerned Joe Concerned Joe Oct. 31, 2011
your todo list: 1. fix bugs. 2. make a sequal. 3. get praised for the 2 best games on kong/interweb!
Play Concerned Joe Concerned Joe Oct. 30, 2011
I love the mario secret! that was amzing (and glitchy as everything else) XD
Play Concerned Joe Concerned Joe Oct. 29, 2011
Got this portal feeling. like GLadOS + weathly. love it! 5/5 need badges and should really be rated 4+ PS. love the ending music!
Play Accelerator Accelerator Oct. 22, 2011
Please make a way to skip the oh so long dying part. do it like meatboy and let us retry instantly!
Developer response from TenebrousP

Just click the mouse button to skip that :) I'll add a restart key to that part too though :)

Play Air Pressure Air Pressure Sep. 07, 2011
the three endings are 1) leave her 2) stay with here the same way as alway. 3) get closer to her. hope this will help =)
Play Feed Us Feed Us Sep. 04, 2011
I keep getting my mouse off-screen, so the piranhas just jump to the top-left side of the screen and ruins everything =( could you fix that in some way?
Play Word Runner Word Runner Aug. 25, 2011
I dont like time limit =(
Play Run 2 Run 2 Aug. 23, 2011
is it just me or is Run 2 easier with double jump? =P
Play Run 2 Run 2 Aug. 23, 2011
Kudos - You've completed Run 2! Now go do something productive.
Play Pong 360 Pong 360 Aug. 20, 2011
I dislike the controls but besides that like it! 3/5
Play Space Battle 2 Space Battle 2 Aug. 20, 2011
I won? Got to the end and killed the 3 bosses but the game just stopped =/ also good job! I really like the unicorns at level 5. =D oh and could you give the catapult some more power? it is kinda underpowered against knights.
Play Obechi Obechi Aug. 18, 2011
I stoped playing at level 3 and just watched the dots move when I collected them.
Play 99 Bricks 99 Bricks Aug. 17, 2011
I am all "PLEASE GIVE ME A 4X1!" PLEASE GIVE ME A 4X1!", dosent get one and lose. The next round the game give me 6 4X1 in a row just to mock me...
Play Experimental Shooter Experimental Shooter Aug. 14, 2011
beat the game w/ mousepad. NEXT CHALLENGE: beat the game using the keyboard (numlock)