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Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Sep. 30, 2012
hello miss newsreader!
Play Soccer Dribble Soccer Dribble Sep. 22, 2012
I actually enjoyed it - it's not that hard. 70 top score so far
Play Race The Sun Race The Sun Sep. 20, 2012
awesome fun - reminds me of a PC game i had where you flew a missile like racer through a track made of pipes, when you look away after a long game your eyes go mental :-)
Play Goalkeeper Premier Goalkeeper Premier Sep. 12, 2012
brilliant game! would love to see some more variation to the shots, free kicks, pens, corners?
Play Simerun 2012 Simerun 2012 Sep. 10, 2012
broken? grey screen
Play Suburban Parking Suburban Parking Apr. 25, 2012
enjoyed the funky music :-)
Play Constellations Bounce Constellations Bounce Apr. 23, 2012
a bit boring, i don't really understand the need for star constelations either
Play Vivid Racers Vivid Racers Apr. 23, 2012
this is a really nice game - like a top down version of those old handheld racing games where you could choose to drive on the left/right/middle of the track to avoid the traffic. 31.880 for track one :-)
Play Extinction Extinction Apr. 23, 2012
argh! walked around a bit and suddenly my screen was full of naked men! lol
Play Space Trash Inc. Space Trash Inc. Apr. 23, 2012
like the idea but the controls are just too awkward for me
Developer response from zweihander_11

We appreciate the feedback, thanks!

Play color ball extremeX color ball extremeX Apr. 23, 2012
lol - this game will indeed be hard at the end, but i don't think i'll live to see it
Play Nerd Rage Nerd Rage Apr. 19, 2012
the aim of this game just seems to be die on each screen to see where stuff is then remember and continue. not for me.
Play Rapidmath Rapidmath Apr. 19, 2012
lol i just can't beat B+
Play Rapidmath Rapidmath Apr. 19, 2012
really like this game - was so much better than i thought it would be. was worried at 10 answers in 10 seconds but the game copes with lots of rapid inputs well. Got to level 4 (B) so far.
Play Bob's Midnight Adventure Bob's Midnight Adventure Apr. 19, 2012
enjoyable, i think just about the right level of difficulty and the story was a nice twist
Play Baloonza Baloonza Apr. 19, 2012
nice concept but pretty boring to be honest. maybe calculate a good score for a level and have that to aim at - else whats the point?
Developer response from KaaPex

Thank you, I'm working on it

Play Splatter Bugs Splatter Bugs Apr. 19, 2012
seems too easy - dunno how far the game goes but the flamethrower and web upgrades seem way too powerfull
Play Save A Chicken Save A Chicken Apr. 19, 2012
decent game but would like to actuallu see what those upgrades are doing. i'm guessing that left is more stamina, middle is more feathers in the level nad 3rd is faster? with right being power remaining. Still a fun game but very repetetive, nothing changes throughout the level or as you level up or as the game progresses.
Play Bring Me Home devo Bring Me Home devo Apr. 19, 2012
pretty straight forward game at the minute. i think some more challenging levels would be better, maybe more explaination of why this alien is trying to get home? at the minute i'm not feeling the love for him :-)
Play Pub Darts 3D Multiplayer Pub Darts 3D Multiplayer Apr. 19, 2012
any chance of a leaderboard for averages and check outs etc? some sort of login to remember past stats would be good too