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Play Mountain Cat Mountain Cat Oct. 03, 2012
1337AL Thank you. Thank you creating this game. i have never been so inspired in my life. at home i have a table. Its broken, i was about to throw it out, but then i saw what the cat did. I thought. if a cat can get the tools needed to fix the table then so can I. You saved my table...
Play Dream Symphony Dream Symphony Oct. 02, 2012
Some bugs/annoyince i found so far. I once got stuck in a piano. Happend if i flew up to about midway inside it. Sometimes red instruments are in the way of white clouds making it impossible to dodge it. The flying owl and blimp looks to "usable" causeing me to fall down when i could not interact with them. Unable to see how many nodes i had collected during gameplay. Fun game none the less.
Play Truck Loader 4 Truck Loader 4 Oct. 02, 2012
Fun game. Found no bugs so far. il keep you posted. Dislikes. i found no way to see what i had to acomplish to achieve either 1, 2 or 3 score on each stage. i would really like to see that. The restart animation of the truck exploding takes to long. its cute the first time, but after that you just wish you could skip it. Great game none the less.
Developer response from flazm

Thanks for your feedback. Will think it over.

Play Kaboomz 4 Kaboomz 4 Sep. 28, 2012
Dear FLAZM 17 and 27 works perfect now. just to re-test i hit new game and got all the medals in 65 shots.
Developer response from flazm

Great, thank you!

Play Kaboomz 4 Kaboomz 4 Sep. 26, 2012
i to would like to confirm level 17 and 27 not working. 17 i did in 2 shots and 27 in 1 shot
Developer response from flazm

Check levels 17 and 27 now, please!

Play Die, %#"&("%"==?)!"! Die, %#"&("%"==?)!"! Aug. 30, 2012
So fun, i had to play it twice.
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Aug. 28, 2012
Awesome game. However a indicator of how far you were in the game would have been nice. The music was awesome, though repetetive, some change when halfway through a stage or someting would be a great addition.