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Play Bear in Super Action Adventure Bear in Super Action Adventure Jul. 03, 2015
Just for the record, even with a trackpad, this game is infinitely easier to play with mouse controls. But if you absolutely have to use the keyboard (*shudder*), don't upgrade the movement speed to max. I maxed everything and beat the game and got all the achievements and decided to try keyboard controls fur teh lulz. DEAR GOD, WHY?
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Jun. 26, 2015
It would be great if 85% hit chance meant you actually hit 85% of the time. I did a little study, comparing claimed hit rate vs. actual hit rate over 10 dungeons, which was 87 battles. Over the course of those dungeons, I counted how many times I used an attack and how often it hit. My normal attack hit chance increased from 76% at the beginning to 95% by the end (against most enemies; it was slightly lower for some). My heavy attack went from 58% to 71% (again, slightly lower against some enemies). My normal attack actually hit 47% of the time, and my heavy attack hit only 32%. In two instances, I recorded eight heavy attack misses in a row. Statistically, according to the given hit rates, the chance of missing eight times in a row was 1 in 4000. And it happened twice within 87 battles. Very messy, very unfair, and very aggravating combat system. It basically ruined the whole thing for me. 3/5 for being otherwise playable.
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Jun. 19, 2015
What's good about it? The combat is an original take and a tried-and-tested system, and is usually pretty fun, when it's a random time on a level I can beat it, and the variety of enemies and strategies against them are plentiful. Very well done there. The voice acting, in the view lines that it exists, is pretty well done, though I'd love to see every line acted. The storyline, as far as I've gotten, seems somewhat original and not terribly clichéd as one might expect from a flash game of this sort. As much as I want to like this game, I really can't take the amount of grinding, the horrible inconsistency in levels, and how absurdly little grinding actually helps, anyway. I give 3/5 for being playable and probably beatable, if one has the patience.
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Jun. 19, 2015
What gripes do I have about this game? Well, the levels aren't consistent in difficulty. One try at a level will have me smeared all over the place within two swarms, and the next try will be a cakewalk. Normally, I wouldn't care, but the game tries so hard to make you replay levels by making gold take forever to get and every half-decent item super expensive. Grinding for gold really wouldn't be that bad, if I knew I consistently beat the same level over and over again. Less variety, but less frustrating. The challenges weren't the most fun because I'd constantly have to intentionally lose on the fourth or fifth wave to get the items above the last one and get to replay it. Having challenges locked once you've completed the fifth wave and getting ONLY the prize of the highest wave beaten kinda sucks. Oh, yeah, and the mana. It stays capped at 300. There is no skill to raise the cap or decrease mana costs. You can only increase starting mana and regen rate, but that's not enough.
Play Sports Heads: Football Sports Heads: Football May. 31, 2015
So my oppontent kicked the ball into the small goal powerup and landed it atop my tiny goal, then proceeded to get stuck on top with it. I watched for a while, amused, then suddenly the powerup ran out and the goal returned to normal size WITH THE BALL INSIDE IT. Instant goal against me with nothing I could have done. That was the most incredibly orchestrated goal an AI has ever scored against me. Sir, I am in awe of your craftsmanship! 5/5!
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One May. 11, 2015
lol I hardly even typed in the 'A' in the Chicago Tribunes and already had my match. Man, those guys must be wondering.
Play Ultimate Santa Battle Ultimate Santa Battle May. 01, 2015
The elf... can be equipped... with Zabimaru... yay!
Play The King's League The King's League Apr. 24, 2015
I can't seem to get any money. I won a tournament and have been able to challenge the king for months now. But every single time, I have a net loss of some absurd $8000 or something and I just can't seem to get enough money to conquer the rest of the cities or anything! What exactly causes the "expenses" that lose you $8000 more than you earn in a given month?
Play Escape #3: The Phonebooth Escape #3: The Phonebooth Apr. 20, 2015
So, if you actually call "ME 4 HELP (634-4357)", you get help. Pretty solid implementation.
Play Break the Limits! Break the Limits! Mar. 28, 2015
48 hours, I presume from scratch, is awfully impressive for this little clickerama. I must say, I did quite enjoy it.
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 28, 2015
The numbering system... is so confusing. I have no idea what any of the letters represents. Otherwise, tremendous game! Though I think I may have damaged by mouse....
Play Tug the Table Tug the Table Mar. 19, 2015
Is this even remotely possible to win at? I haven't won a single star against the normal opponent, in all my five overall losses, even copying him as best my reaction time allows. For one of his earlier games, not a terrible idea, just poorly executed.
Play RobotPet RobotPet Feb. 28, 2015
The only issue I see with this as an idle game is that there are active skills. I find them useless. And I played a couple days after launch until mid-January, and got bored since it went a month without an update. Now that's it's been three months since launch with no updates for two and a half, I declare the game dead and will revisit it someday, perhaps. Until then, it has my 5 stars and my favorite!
Play Innkeeper Innkeeper Feb. 23, 2015
Got to three and a half stars... couldn't keep the customer's expectations up and went from over 200 customer satisfaction to the negatives pretty quick... stopped playing from there. It could have used a better system... or maybe I just suck.
Play Coma Coma Feb. 08, 2015
I didn't find the controls as bad as some people did, but they were awkward. The shameless advertising in the middle of the game art was annoying. The end left a lot to be desired and was, to me, very unsatisfying. But philosophically and as far as he rest of the gameplay went, it was still quite good. For my complaints above, yet overall enjoyment of the game, I give it 3/5.
Play Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Feb. 03, 2015
Interesting. Although my internet cache was cleared in a sad CCleaner experiment and my save lost before the badges were added, I still have the achievements I would have earned. Sweet!
Developer response from kreig13

Sorry bout that. If kong has an online save, I'd gladly implement it.

Play Frontier Frontier Jan. 30, 2015
Is here any way to heal your party? I got to a point where every time I encounter a group of enemies, unless I can one-hit wipe them or successfully flee, I die, and it's absurdly annoying because half the time I can't do either.
Play PC.Defense PC.Defense Jan. 30, 2015
McAfee? Seriously? That's the most laughably bad antivirus ever. Heck, it's basically a virus itself. If the towers ever need to be renamed, throw in Avast! instead of McAfee, dangit!
Play Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Jan. 29, 2015
Seeing the frequency of updates until the 23rd, and there being none since, can we expect more sometime soon, or is it complete?
Developer response from kreig13

i think i still have one final update after badges are installed.

Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Jan. 17, 2015
Geez, all the top comments are bugs and glitches and I don't have any of them! Not sure what's up...