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Play circuit_strike.remix_hd circuit_strike.remix_hd Jun. 26, 2011
This looks so cool! If there was a way to make the controls a little more efficient, like maybe mouse controls like suggest, or removing a few actions so that less keys need to be kept track of? I definitely think you should keep going with this and it'd be really awesome, the colors and music are fun! Definitely better than some of the others.
Play Psypothic Psypothic Jun. 26, 2011
Thanks for all of the feedback, I think we are seriously looking into incorporating more of a story, so be on the lookout!
Play pulse pulse Jun. 25, 2011
glad you made it, our team was rooting for you, definitely deserved to be higher!
Play Psypothic Psypothic Jun. 24, 2011
great justin!
Play Muse Muse Jun. 24, 2011
Play Psypothic Psypothic Jun. 24, 2011
thanks michael, you threw 1 ball!