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Play Ultimate Monster Mayhem Ultimate Monster Mayhem Apr. 14, 2014
What an exceptionally unexciting game..
Play Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Apr. 08, 2014
So I need craft to get my city to level three, but I need my city at level three to build a factory to farm craft...?
Play Music Catch 2 Music Catch 2 Mar. 30, 2014
Tried getting hard badge with Hashcat's method and found that there weren't enough objects to collect. 81% of objects, avoided all reds, and still managed only 3.5million. I went with Abstract, Radar, and breathe, and got over 6.5million, only collected about 35% of objects, and hit about 3-4reds.
Play Band Of Heroes Band Of Heroes Mar. 15, 2014
I already completed all the badges in May of 2013. But here I am, playing it again because it's really fun.
Play 5 Differences 5 Differences Feb. 25, 2014
Nashville, TN skyline.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Feb. 21, 2014
I'm a little upset about the surprise enemy in the facility that shows up after you open the door by having the correct switches on. I would have saved my game had I known there would be an enemy that would 1-shot each of players.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Feb. 12, 2014
The only thing that bugs me is when my character counters the last enemy of a wave and kills him, then the entire next wave gets to pummel me for free. No reason to give it less stars for that, though. Still 5/5 game.
Play Adapt or Die Adapt or Die Feb. 02, 2014
lvl 11 boss = impossible?
Play Chase Goose Chase Goose Jan. 27, 2014
Not even going to take the time to get carpel tunnel and arthritis...
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Jan. 23, 2014
Every member had full health and the boss used "Burst All" and everyone died... Really? =(
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Jan. 19, 2014
I think I've decided to quit after the last boss got to use the ice attack which slowed all my characters down, followed by an immediate turn of KOing each player after that. Really great game, but I don't want to farm for sp anymore..
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Jan. 19, 2014
This game is so good, I gave up on the Badge of the Day for about 4 days.
Play Cyber Chaser Cyber Chaser Jan. 08, 2014
The first boss's lasers should not be the same color as his body. I have so much difficulty distinguishing between him and the lasers.
Play Min Hero: Tower of Sages Min Hero: Tower of Sages Dec. 23, 2013
I was playing the game just fine until today, every time I try to go to another floor, the game freezes and I have to refresh the page.
Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Nov. 16, 2013
I have so many sniper towers that they can't hit anything.
Play Hedgehog Launch 2 Hedgehog Launch 2 Oct. 02, 2013
I still don't understand how the band works.
Play Brawlin' Sailor Brawlin' Sailor Sep. 05, 2013
How did the pirate get around before the person gave him the instructions? =D
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Aug. 25, 2013
Wish I could turn off the car..
Play Champions of chaos Champions of chaos Aug. 24, 2013
Got all three badges back in May of 2012. Over a year later, this game is still fun.
Play The King's League: Odyssey The King's League: Odyssey Aug. 01, 2013
I hit a wall where I could beat 3 star missions in seconds but got destroyed just as quickly on 4 star missions.. not sure what to do.