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Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jul. 31, 2014
Does anyone know whether the difficulty of earning angel investors scales with your current number of investors or your total investors earned (including those sacrificed for upgrades)?
Play A Simple MMO A Simple MMO Apr. 02, 2014
Requesting an increase in contrast on button labels.
Play Astrox Astrox Apr. 01, 2014
I'd very much like to see an option to switch the engines to energy power even when you have fuel in the tank. The assault core can run my engines for free, but obviously I don't want it to be doing that in a combat situation involving energy weapons, so it'd be handy to be able to opt for energy on the engines even with fuel onboard. That aside, it's a fun game.
Play Reactance 2 Reactance 2 Jun. 17, 2012
Protip for midgame (past level 15) grinding: Max out the Antimatter Bomb mod, get a 4th Level ship (any kind will do), and two maxed Collectors (Unnecessary, but they speed things up. If you don't have them, you can do this without them and then use the cash to get them and speed things up). Fight Aegis (Level 10, second boss), immediately get really close to him and use all your bombs. This should give you a quick OHKO while having taken no damage, which gives you double RP. This yields about 90K without Collectors, and 200K with two maxed Collectors.
Play Monsters' Den Chronicles Monsters' Den Chronicles May. 22, 2012
No! Nooooo! Why did you have to release it this week? I have work to do... but now I'm gonna get distracted by this. . .
Play Nuclear Outrun Nuclear Outrun May. 12, 2012
For the hard achievement:Get the Shark Gun, max all upgrades. Make your tires large, then start. The trick to this one is momentum. You can only gain speed so fast, so keep the way clear of anything larger than a zombie's head with the shark gun If you can keep your speed in the 90-120 range most of the time, you're fine.. (you can use a low arc to clear out most of the ground, or a higher one if you only need to clear out something directly in front of you and can't see anything coming). Make sure you hit ALL the ammo balloons, since once you're out of shark, you'd better hope you've got a good backup... (and I don't like trusting the random number gods that much for my achievements.) Save your spike wheels triggers for when you see the barricades of crates (or if you're in big trouble). There should be about twice as many barricades as you have spikes, so for the last couple, just spam sharks (at slightly different angles, preferably), you shouldn't need more than 3-5/barricade.
Play Shopping Cart Hero 2 Shopping Cart Hero 2 Mar. 29, 2012
Protip: if you have groupies and a boss hits you, you stay in the fight but lose a groupie.
Play Shopping Cart Hero 2 Shopping Cart Hero 2 Mar. 29, 2012
Here's my problem with SCH2 (and it seems I'm not alone). The early game is mindbogglingly slow. I mean sure, eventually I make about 18K/run (pole vault is epic since each use gives you a flip, so you get 1720 pts./vault) but that's about 90 days in (maybe for better players it's earlier, but still no earlier than around the 70th run).
Play Tech&Magic Tech&Magic Mar. 13, 2012
Perhaps you should mention that upgrading energy restores it, like how you mentioned upgrading castle restores it.
Play Cardian Cardian Mar. 06, 2012
Wow. I got greedy and in a tier 3 (that is, a (nontutorial) battle unlocked a battle unlocked this battle) fight, getting my butt kicked trying to defend my portal, and end up zerg rushing fresh skeletons for the win with 3 seconds left. either way though, I do prefer my card games to be turn based, but it's still pretty good. it seems a bit laggy, but other that and just general balance issues, it's pretty good. 4/5 from me.
Play Burrito Bison Revenge Burrito Bison Revenge Feb. 28, 2012
Fail. Didn't notice there was one already. Sorry. Either way, lovely game =)
Play Burrito Bison Revenge Burrito Bison Revenge Feb. 28, 2012
Say, could we get an in game glossary? the tutorial is helpful, but I sort of forgot how to use the chubbies, and a reference would be nice, if it's not too much trouble.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Jan. 23, 2012
Going for hard badge, facing sand worm. Out of Water of Life, Nat is down. Matt's poisoned, but I'm scraping by off of regening my health repeatedly with Blood Blade. I use his 'Limit Break', killing the boss, and the tail is inexplicably alive. it hits me, and miraculously, Survivor kicks in when the poison is about to kill me, and I'm still in it, since the tail is almost dead. And then there's a checkpoint complete with full heal! Then I realized the tail stunned me as it took another turn, finishing the job. Q _Q.
Play Incoming Incoming Nov. 20, 2011
Day 17 lags me to a loss at max upgrades... make a quality option?
Play Stick Blender Stick Blender Nov. 01, 2011
-plays a couple levels- Hmmm, this isn't that bad. -drops bubble just a little too far from the blender, causing it to land directly next to the blender- FFFUUU Other than that (which is probably a failure on my part). Either way, it's still fun, but not great. 3/5 from me.
Play Carnage Colosseum Carnage Colosseum Sep. 19, 2011
Seems interesting, but what I'd really like to see is 1. Upgrades, and 2. Mute Button.
Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 09, 2011
Suddenly the game's begun freezing... (and it wasn't yesterday, even though I've never left the 800-999 range on either day) I'll freeze, then the game will realise I should have moved and throw me the correct distance, and because I can't maneuver while it does this it generally end with a game over. Otherwise though a 4/5 =)
Play Async Racing Async Racing Aug. 24, 2011
Woah~! And suddenly there was no lag. Fantastic. It's not the best game though, but I'd say it's 3/5 worthy.
Play Async Racing Async Racing Aug. 24, 2011
Benefits: No Lag. Oh yes, clearly. Well, I'm sure your races are lag free. I'll take your word for it... I mean it's not like it's ever going to load, right? Anyhow, until you get that fixed (If you don't know what 'that' is by looking at all these comments... umm... I really don't know what to say to you.) I want a Lakitu to drag me out of the water (Copyright infringement be damned. I mean, uhh, go use something else I guess. 'cuz Even 25 XP looks daunting when I hit the water, get a DNF, and have to reload.
Play Bomber At War Bomber At War Jul. 18, 2011
Can't seem to get through M11. I break the little zep, but I can only blow up 1 or 2 of the negines on the big guy before I drop. And I can't replay any missions (not even the infinite mission) for upgrades. Lovely. 3/5 For a good, but unforgiving, game.