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Play MINE MINE Oct. 01, 2014
Requiring the game to be in the foreground is bad.
Play Tainted Olive - Chapter 1 Tainted Olive - Chapter 1 Mar. 04, 2014
Over too quickly, shows promise.
Play Crystal Story Crystal Story Dec. 05, 2013
Figured out save problem, it was on my end, somehow my flash got set to 0 local storage and deleted everything, had to restore backup after fixing, restored an early save, so the game's fine.
Play Crystal Story Crystal Story Dec. 05, 2013
I played to level five, just now, saving a couple times. Closed browser and restarted, but no save files. My firefox isn't set to clear cache on close.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 03, 2013
Suggestions: Unlock new ores using jems and another new upgrade set, they could be shown on a grid or something. Add levels to the earlier ores to stretch the unique mining options. Who wouldn't give an extra star for poo lvl 3?
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 03, 2013
Game should support being run minimized. For me it freezes and does not give credit for idle.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 02, 2013
Quality should be capped at 300%, getting lucky with 762% quality is too big a jump in dps. I pass most rock types in less than a minute with clicking, less time than you spent drawing them probably. Usually 3-4 can easily be picked off after a weapon upgrade which generally at least doubles the power of the last one.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 02, 2013
Damage growth is a bit too exponential. It doesn't seem to make sense I can quadruple my damage showing up every couple hours to upgrade.
Play Symbiosis: Greenland Symbiosis: Greenland Jul. 24, 2013
The game is very one dimensional, grow as fast as you can and hit as hard as you can as a 2nd priority. didn't use spells at all. Never worried about defense, regen. Every level played the same.
Play Disaster Will Strike 2 Disaster Will Strike 2 May. 21, 2013
Fun while it lasted.
Play Smiley Showdown 2 Smiley Showdown 2 Jan. 04, 2013
I lost all progress from a day or two ago.
Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 12, 2012
There's a bug when you polymorph a distant attacker, when you actually kill it you don't unlock the square it occupies, you have to come at it from another direction to unlock it.
Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer Nov. 18, 2012
Crafting needs a rebalance, repeatedly crafting 1 common element hundreds of times is silly as a game mechanic. Decomposing items or making it easier to craft for practice in bulk would help.
Play Dungeon Overlord Dungeon Overlord Nov. 13, 2012
Great graphics, unfortunately they forgot to implement the fun. About the time you get your 2nd dungeon you run out of quests that can be easily obtained and they give a few quests to get you to spend coins that might save you a lot of grief later, like the 25 map square upgrade. I can't imagine too many people tolerating the game up to level 20 without spending. Also, there's nothing fun about surveying multiple mountains one dungeon at a time, but it's very important to get a good resource mix in your second dungeon.
Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer Nov. 09, 2012
Suggestions, a summary after a dungeon, of money gained, stats improved, etc. A better way to sort the backpack and tell if an item has higher base stats than your current items.
Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer Nov. 07, 2012
What is the penalty for dieing?
Play bit Dungeon bit Dungeon Oct. 26, 2012
So let me get this straight, when I get my soul, I should not click it or I go to h-ll.
Developer response from KintoGames

The best items are in the spirit world. Some people get stuck in the spirit world, if they dwell on the death of their wife for too long.

Play bit Dungeon bit Dungeon Oct. 25, 2012
I'm expecting critical is the % chance to do 2x damage. But I read a post here that critical does not work as expected? Is that true?
Play Reprisal Reprisal Oct. 25, 2012
It definitely feels like a long tutorial, maybe just unlock the extra skills as you progress, winning when you get them feels repetitive and a bit cheap in some cases.
Play bit Dungeon bit Dungeon Oct. 25, 2012
I like the game, only made it to level 5 so far. I find the enemy damage to be rather random, sometimes I'm taking no damage, sometimes I'm loosing 10% of my health per hit. The shield is a little confusing, is it only blocking damage while the power circle is filling? I like the simplicity of controls, but I find it hard to see what's happening when there are several enemies near me. Despite my personal quibbles, I'm going 5/5 for the fact that you are actively enhancing the game.