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Play Picma - Picture Enigmas Picma - Picture Enigmas Jul. 01, 2015
@Dolohov: On squared in particular, it can tend to help if you use meta-strategies. I.e., use the fact that solution is unique to your advantage. For example: Suppose you have two squares, A and B, which could each be, say, the last square for a black 8 (all others are colored). Suppose also this is a two-color puzzle, and there are no blue clues adjacent to B (but there is one next to A). Then: if B were not black, then it could be either blue or empty, and there would be no way to distinguish. Since there is only one solution, B must be black.
Play Picma - Picture Enigmas Picma - Picture Enigmas Feb. 07, 2015
... how in the world do I currently have -2 coins? I started with no coins, got the daily bonus , did a 3-coin puzzle, and am left with -2... what?
Developer response from MoonberryStudios

It's just a display issue (that shouldn't be happening and which we'll look into). A page reload will clear it up.

Play RPG Shooter: Starwish RPG Shooter: Starwish Feb. 01, 2015
After reading SnowLikesGames' comment, I read Ayuaseal's comment as "I keep Slippying through the walls." :P
Play Morningstar Morningstar Dec. 24, 2014
@Balbanes: (SPOILER FOR PUZZLE) The two symbols mean "off." They're on the capsules only when the capsules are open - i.e., off. Thus, adding those two symbols tells the machine to turn the power (the cable) off. (And, for the record, I had trouble with it too, but it seems obvious in retrospect when he points out that "the symbols are different than the others.")
Play Picma - Picture Enigmas Picma - Picture Enigmas Dec. 22, 2014
A tip on "Squared" (and also on the others, I suppose, with adaptation): you know the solution is unique. Use this to your advantage. For instance: suppose you are playing a two-color Squared level, red and black. Suppose you have an unnumbered square which is next to red numbers, but no black numbers. That square MUST be red, which can be seen as follows: suppose it were not; then, it could be either black or empty; however, both of these would be solutions, and since there would be no way to distinguish between them (since there are no adjacent black numbers); thus, the solution would not be unique. Since you know the solution is, in fact, unique, the square must be red. It's a kind of meta-knowledge, which can be quite useful if you are stuck.
Play Thermo Thermo Dec. 04, 2014
5/5, great game, puzzles are of appropriate difficulty and scale nicely. Could use some sort of instructions on what the water-powers do.
Play Run 3 Run 3 Nov. 16, 2014
@portugal2000: Regular (but good) laptop, and lags frequently, on multiple browsers, so apparently you just have a good computer for it or something.
Play Antichromatic Antichromatic Oct. 29, 2014
That was supposed to say "did so." I am not doing well with getting things right today. Especially given that I am supposed to be doing work and not playing games...
Play Antichromatic Antichromatic Oct. 29, 2014
Oops. I jumped up into the room that ends with three lasers. I did do in Black, and sat where the white laser was. Then I tried to jump over to where the black laser was, switching to white in the process, but while I did switch, I landed on a spike and died. However, the game still respawned me where I first landed... where the white laser was... when I was white. So I'm stuck in an infinite death loop now. THAT was the wrong way...
Play Simple Squares: The Game about Squares Simple Squares: The Game about Squares Aug. 11, 2014
Simple, but challenging, puzzle game. Similar to Upbot Goes Up, I'll grant, but different enough to be distinct, and with different enough control to be entirely different puzzles, and therefore, while reminiscent, an entirely distinct game, challenging and enjoyable entirely in its own right. 5/5.
Play Parallel 2 Parallel 2 Jul. 10, 2014
The concept is hardly new, but this game nails the difficulty. Moderately difficult puzzles, moderately difficult platforming, which combines to give a game of a nice "challenging, but not impossible" structure. 5/5.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 07, 2014
A little more energy starting Chapter 4, please, if you expect us to be able to start there? Also, fix unresponsive jump, add costume-switch, and stat reset. Right now, this game is 3/5 for "fine concept, poorly executed"; fix some of those issues, and it would go up to a 4 or a 5.
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jun. 26, 2014
I'm confused by melee costumes with double shot.
Play Lexicopolis: A-B-City Lexicopolis: A-B-City Jun. 25, 2014
Cool idea, 5/5 for being innovative alone.
Play Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral Jun. 25, 2014
A tip: the hardest part is obtaining the WP needed, not money, so after some preliminary trips (to afford a full fleet), raid constantly, only going to port to repair and sell your loot, for the rest of the game. Whoa. The best way to fight pirates is to become a pirat- I mean "privateer"? Wow, this game is suddenly historically accurate. As for my rating of the game, 4/5, mostly because combat was explained insufficiently well. Say it in the tutorial, or at least put a "help" option in that explains what all the stats do, and how targeting things affects the enemy ship.
Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Jun. 18, 2014
I broke it. My gold is negative... which means I can keep buying investments forever! Until I ultimately get my gold positive, at which point I can't buy things anymore. Waitaminute... heh. May want to reconsider the gold rewards from the later battles - they kind of mean "I own everything, so may as well buy even better supplies!"
Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Jun. 18, 2014
OK, maybe 1 star for "alot" was a bit extreme. To revise: having played another 20 seconds, lots of grammatical errors, -1 star automatic.
Play Thrones of Fantasy Thrones of Fantasy Jun. 18, 2014
Started playing. "alot" -> immediate -1 star from rating. Seriously.
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 18, 2014
4/5, since the animations are inhibitingly slow. Otherwise, fine.
Play Nether Runner Nether Runner Jun. 15, 2014
Geez, this isn't that hard, people - earning the achievements is fairly easy, if you try on the ones that are fly/run/don't shoot for some distance (and do those achievements in the first area) and buy the tomes/spells starting when it asks you to use them. As for missions, the annoyance is less that you can't face the boss without them, and more than you can only earn three per run when you do. Can't they cycle out as you run? Why does every game with missions of some sort work that way? Granted, they're well placed in this game, but still. Also, autofire stops whenever you switch areas, insofar as I can tell - having it check whether the key is pressed at the start of an area would be helpful. On the whole, 5/5, because it's fairly good for the genre (especially since it doesn't have a "run-down timer" like most of them do, which I don't enjoy), but it does have areas it could be touched up.