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Play Ninja Gaiden 4: The Prince of Darkness Ninja Gaiden 4: The Prince of Darkness Jun. 29, 2015
So not ninja gaiden 4, more like ninja gaiden: annoying little one section demo thing. Also, I'm no intellectual property expert, but I get the feeling nintendo wouldn't be super happy about you making games using their stuff. Although maybe I'm confused.
Play Breaking The Bank Breaking The Bank Jun. 29, 2015
It perplexes me that there are people out there stupid enough to think that the point of sites like this is to take games other people made and post them elsewhere. Like the games just magically appear and everyone simply disseminates them over the internet.
Play  Escape From Third Floor Escape From Third Floor Jun. 29, 2015
What kind of twisted, drugged out reasoning could possibly have a person get "261345" out of that elephant picture? Like, I'm going to have to track down the developer and ask them, because there's no way I'll be able to rest until I find out. Oh, and if any of the very few people here have adblock and go to the walkthrough and the site keeps pulling that laughable attempt to pretend there was a problem loading the page a little while after, ya know, fully loading the page and claiming "Hurr, de adblock mae stop de game frum loding!" (nice try, that's not how adblock works idiot) just wait until it starts trying to redirect you and hit the stop loading button up at the top of your browser.
Play Marrakesh Club Marrakesh Club Jun. 29, 2015
Wait, the guy marked his own hotel as the least fun place to be in the city? Well at least he's honest, but bro, one of the locations is literally just an alley with a crazy guy and a fruit stand. Go get some TVs for your rooms and you'll pretty much be the coolest place in the city. This isn't hard man.
Play Strikeforce Kitty: Last Stand Strikeforce Kitty: Last Stand Jun. 22, 2015
In the other games I had memory leaks, yes, but I'm using firefox and while the game is a tad bit laggy when you're spamming attack, I have no memory leak whatsoever. Performance isn't my issue. My issue is the fact that sitting here wearing years off my mouse's lifespan clicking attack over and over and over again pretty much facing wave after wave of enemies that really aren't much different from each other gets pretty darn old pretty darn fast.
Play Drink Beer, Neglect Family Drink Beer, Neglect Family Jun. 19, 2015
And I'm assuming this isn't really trying to send too much of a message, because at absolute worst the most neglect can do is be equivalent to a father just leaving the family, and that doesn't usually turn out that badly. I ain't had a daddy at home since I was 8, and...ok, I've had a super messed up life, but that's correlation, not causation. Now, if you made a pac-man style game where you normally run from your family members, then in the corners are alcohol, which you drink and then you can chase them down and punch them all, THEN you'd have a morbid game. That's actually a pretty good idea, that would send a message! Maybe if this programming thing pans out I'll make it one day.
Play Drink Beer, Neglect Family Drink Beer, Neglect Family Jun. 19, 2015
Wow, dude pukes after 1 beer? I've only known one dude who had a an alcohol tolerance quite that low. Dude's of completely Russian heritage too. His ancestors would be so ashamed.
Play Game.Init() Game.Init() Jun. 19, 2015
I'm...pretty sure the binary at the beginning of the debug levels doesn't say anything? I couldn't get it to come out as any non-gibberish, at least.
Play Vox Populi Vox Dei: Episode 2 Vox Populi Vox Dei: Episode 2 Jun. 14, 2015
Wow, you deserve to be taken away and thrown in a gulag for what you did to this game. You took the first one and shat on its legacy to make a buck. This is why steam is a double edged sword. Sure, it lets creators who otherwise wouldn't be able to get their stuff out there do so, but it also makes it easy enough developers with games that once upon a time they would've never even considered trying to charge for they now do, even though they don't have much place doing so. The only thing this has over the first one is length, and we don't even get that here in the totally unannounced demo (which I didn't even play through, because seriously, screw these controls). And it sounds silly, but the shitty, non-customizable controls only add to that; "Well this game is so great and I'm so great I will tell YOU what controls to use. Think they suck? Too bad. Pay me anyways". I hope you don't make a red penny and it serves as a wake up call.
Play Cube Escape: Arles Cube Escape: Arles Jun. 14, 2015
Only one problem I can see: don't leave out colorblind people. Those with color blindness would probably have a big issue with that entire painting part. Other than that everything was fine. I liked it.
Developer response from RustyLake

Ah yes you're absolutely right, we never thought of that during the development. We will keep it mind for next time:)

Play Space Incident Space Incident Jun. 11, 2015
So basically overshooting is saying "Good concept, but it would be an even better concept if literally everything about it was different except for the basic fact that we're on a ship in space and aliens are involved". I know how to fix this. Hint: it's called going and playing a different game.
Play Arizona Joe Arizona Joe Jun. 10, 2015
K, one of the first things I notice is that the blocks' graphics don't actually line up; the game treats them like they're one block further up than they appear, although coins can still be in the supposedly empty spaces the blocks actually occupy, making the player unable to reach them. As I walk around I run into all kinds of stuff in completely empty spaces and have no idea why. That's really not at all a good first impression.
Developer response from baneguin

It should be fixed now xD

Play Void Vikings Void Vikings Jun. 08, 2015
Hey uh...I think this is a bug here, although I haven't seen anyone else say anything, so maybe it's just happening to me. It appears that if you pause the game while your shield is recharging, it will continue to recharge even though everything else is paused (which, assuming you have one of the -75% delay shields, can mean a lot), and it also appears that if you switch shields in mid combat sometimes their stats will get mixed up, with the delays or maxes or rates randomly switching over, although sometimes fully recharging changes them back. Just some odd stuff I figured I'd mention.
Play The Green Kingdom The Green Kingdom May. 31, 2015
Not to mention the game is already really awfully easy. I mainly had to comment again to say the AI was not terribly sharp, and anyone claiming this was difficult or the AI was unfair is clearly not too sharp themselves or is just bad or both, cause even with multiple teams attacking you, towers are cheap enough and the AI stupid enough you can still run rings around them without much thought, and this is coming from a guy who's normally terrible at RTS games.
Play The Green Kingdom The Green Kingdom May. 31, 2015
Yeah, basically you wind up with a situation where your best bet is to make a path that's as long as winding through the enemy territory as possible, as they always try to build next to your path which obviously means you have to cancel every single damn line and move them if you want to hit the tower, at which point they'll just build some more towers next to THAT line. Unfortunately I think I'm pretty sure that's why the dev is ignoring people saying about editing lines; that would require a total rebalance, as this is a kinda poorly thought out game and it's basically built around it being difficult to change your lines, since if you could you'd just steamroll every tower as soon as it was built. I'm not saying it's a good idea to build a game around a mechanic being intentionally clumsy, rather the opposite actually, but that's how it is.
Play A Matter of Caos: Episode 4 A Matter of Caos: Episode 4 May. 28, 2015
I hope you know, mr. developer person, that this game is not very technically impressive. Compared to other point and click games the puzzles are not terribly astounding...but that's what makes it all the more impressive that I've played, and rather liked, every single episode and was really happy to see this one. I have to conclude that's story and atmosphere...well, and I like Mr. Gilbert. He has tentacles and stuff, and doesn't once use them on Japanese schoolgirls, which makes him way better than most tentacled monster things. Having him go beast mode at the end there was pretty satisfying. I also watched your credits all the way to the end. I like Mr. Gilbert a lot. I hope he returns.
Developer response from ExperaGameStudio

Thank you very much! We are aware that the game isn't technically impressive. This is our first game we developed and we choose to develop a less technically impressive game to have as soon as possible a feedback for the players. Anyway we choose to cure the small details and the history to make the game as exciting as possible. And we are very happy because so much of you are liking our game so much! :D We are continuosly improving our development skills and we hope we'll make a lot of other very good game in the future! :)

Play Grey Grey May. 26, 2015
I'm almost positive this has nothing to do with ghosts. As far as I can tell the story is about a guy looking for a girl's attention. He goes around busting his ass collecting all these presents (I do think the gift progression might be accurate: the point probably is that he's been trying to get her attention since childhood) and things, trying to get her to notice him. He tries and tries and tries but she just keeps ignoring him no matter what he does. Finally in the end she understands what she's been missing and begins to look his way...by which point he's already gone out of her life, moved on. The color represents the color he brings to her world; before him her life was dull and grey, but his presence and the things he does for her brings happiness to her life. So in pop culture terms, this is a story of a guy being friendzoned by his long-term crush. That's a far, FAR more cohesive story than some thing about a ghost and mementos and crap.
Play Give Up 2 Give Up 2 May. 25, 2015
The last one at least felt fair. This doesn't. Things have appearance that poorly reflect their hitboxes, it's annoyance of constant death is multiplied many times over having to sit there and wait for bats to slowly drift up and down, wait for flames, wait for shockers, wait for blades...then I get most of the way through, die, then do it all again. At least the last game was rapid pace; you were almost never standing around, and dying never set you back far, there were no absurd winding hallways. Also, claiming the saws or axes don't matter is ridiculous. Waiting for an axe to slowly spin around or a saw blade to move changes the entire dynamic of the level. This is just frustrating and unfun, and the theme makes no difference to me. To me the "Look how hard!" route games sometimes go is gimmicky and an excuse not to have to worry about making any of it enjoyable. I'll give it a 2 or 3 for graphics and fairly smooth play, but as an actual game this is pretty worthless.
Play Flash DROD: KDDL 3 Flash DROD: KDDL 3 May. 24, 2015
Is...the only puzzle we're ever going to get here "Lure roaches into switch door areas so you can trap them, open a wall, then kill them all"? Cause unless way later it changes, that sure seems to be the only damned one I see, and doing essentially the exact same puzzle over and over again in different forms is kinda boring, so even if it DOES change later, why would you make the first, like, 9 rooms the same damn thing?
Play Zoi: The Escape Zoi: The Escape May. 23, 2015
Seriously though, this feels like it should be a rythm game, except someone took all the good music and rythm that normally guides you and just muted everything, leaving you to flail regarding when you're supposed to press anything. I'm not a masochist, and as such I'm struggling to find this terribly fun. It's far too unforgiving, and it's not even like there's anything to add interest to it. It would be like if you took meatboy and removed anything that made the levels even remotely interesting. It's just pure concentrated frustration.