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Little is known about the Knight Brotherhood; although the organization spans nearly every continent of the globe, its methods and true purpose have been kept a closely guarded secret for centuries.

Whenever the knights appear, rumors flow in their wake. Some speculate that without the knights watching over mankind, an evil darkness would envelope the whole of human society.

Rumors escalated when Rathbone began acting on his own accord, sometimes in conflict with his former knight allies. No one is certain whether Rathbone was ejected or if he left by his own free will, but a dark air seems to follow wherever he goes, and superstitious villagers have linked his appearance to locust infestations.
Characters (click card to see back)

Knight Wei-shan, of the Easterly Wind

While relatively weak in direct combat, Wei-Shan specializes in healing allies and weakening foes.

Strengths: Healing, curing debuffs, lowering enemy power
Vulnerabilities: Direct combat at either range

Knight Bestor, of the Western Flame

After a great warrior noticed Bestor snacking on flaming s'mores as a child, he was trained to master the burning arts.

Strengths: Healed by fire (including his own), close-range combat
Vulnerabilities: Dark magic, long-range combat

Knight Gunbjorn, of the Frozen North

"The frost -- sometimes, it makes the blade stick." Gunbjorn is a master of brute strength and slowing his opponents with ice.

Strengths: Slowing, hindering enemy mobility and actions, close-range combat
Vulnerabilities: Dark magic, long-range combat
Editions Owned
Knights r1

Knight Oxbox, of the Southern Rocks

A master of earth, Oxbox blinds his opponents while keeping them close and smashing them with his hammer.

Strengths: Close-range combat, limiting enemy mobility
Vulnerabilities: Dark magic

Fallen Knight Rathbone, the Betrayer

Regarding his foes with complete disdain and his allies as mere pawns, Rathbone crushes all who stand in his way -- or anyone who stands anywhere, really.

Strengths: Deadly against benched characters, high damage overall
Vulnerabilities: Light magic, has low health, some attacks damage teammates
Editions Owned
Knights original

Knight's Emblem

Characters like Vanessa Voss, Amaya, Zina, and Rathbone (even on your team!) can make being out of play less than perfectly safe without a Knight's Emblem.
Editions Owned
Knights original

Hero's Flagon

Perhaps most effective when used with Oxbox -- switch him in and out to maximize his earthquake innate, and pick up some healing along the way.

Ring of Bravery

Hate switching out, or using your precious energy for changing ranges? Do you prefer to instead unleash constant direct attacks? The Ring of Bravery is for you!

Bracers of Righteousness

Particularly effective when facing off against witches and vampires, who rely heavily on dark magic attacks.

Elemental Prism

Due to their respective number of light magic attacks, the Elemental Prism is most effective on Bestor and least effective on Rathbone.