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Play Euclid Euclid May. 15, 2013
3136 meters X_X i can no longer feel my eyeballs
Developer response from Avo1

I'm sorry to hear that Josher. Is there a way I could make the graphics easier on them?

Play Galaxy Siege Galaxy Siege Apr. 19, 2013
you tricked me into playing a launch game lol
Play Crusade of Undead Crusade of Undead Apr. 07, 2013
i was really hopen that the rateing was wrong but i cant say it is -_- its another cool idea killed by poor execution
Play Another Chatting Game! Another Chatting Game! Mar. 16, 2013
it would have been a 10/5 but there isnt a mute buttun ;.;8/5
Play Another Chatting Game! Another Chatting Game! Mar. 16, 2013
oh my god, this has got to be the best game on kong, how does this site even manage such awsomeness?! oh crap my screens melting
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 06, 2013
rofl i made a comment of excitement and its nearly under threshold :P a bunch of angry picky voters out there haha surprised any one see's these enough to vote, the comments are coming in so fast
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 06, 2013
OMG OMG OMG its here! wooohooo! :D :D :D i didnt think there was going to be another, the last one was fantastic and im sure this one will be to :D
Play Meteor-Itis Meteor-Itis Feb. 23, 2013
its kinda fun :) hard to get repetitive since i suck at it haha highest score i got was 34 XD tiny bit of mouse lag but the control's were fine :D
Play Gun Run Gun Run Feb. 22, 2013
Play Battle without End Battle without End Feb. 19, 2013
what if you added a larger inv bag in the shop menu that you could buy? it would be a wonderfull alt to makeing an auto sale cause auto sale would kinda make you earn way to much quickly shortening the amount of time people will enjoy your game
Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 09, 2013
i dont know if this is a joke by the game makers or what but i named my char deadthing and now he cant be played, as soon as he apeard in the village from creating him he was laying on the ground like hes dead but his health is full. logging out and refreshing doesn't fix it
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Sounds like you've encountered the dreaded "perma-death bug." You can resolve this by clearing your browser cache. Sorry for the inconvenience. To avoid this in the future - do not "return to village" from the "X" menu if you find yourself dead on the ground after a revive. Just wait until you are dead again, then return to village via the dead-screen option for it.

Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Jan. 23, 2013
doing that typing game for blue coins is like taken a stroll to hypocritical hell lol XD i know its obv but for god sakes take away the super random capitilisations they hurt in my soul, im not the best grammer person or speller and that just makes it tottaly unworth it haven to look back at this random cap i missed over and over
Play Best Farm Best Farm Jan. 21, 2013
a description of buildings and a speed up butten would be an awsome adition to this game :D
Play test multiplayer dont save test multiplayer dont save Jan. 05, 2013
o.o :o
Play Stick War 2 Stick War 2 Jan. 04, 2013
this game needs a speed up butten for the early game X_X otherwise this is a fantastic game!
Play Anti-Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Anti-Idle: The Game Dec. 25, 2012
!!! there is no mute butten!! D: D: 1/5!!!
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Dec. 24, 2012
adventure in cakeland:you have found a cake, eat it? Yes...you have gained 2 energy! WEEEEE next...adventure in cakeland. you have found a cake, eat it? yes!!-you have lost 2 energy-the cake was a lie......!!! Nuuuuuuuuuu
Play Children War Children War Dec. 21, 2012
haha that was perdy interestin XD :) nice world there :D
Play Incursion Incursion Dec. 04, 2012
omg i love that cursor :D more games should stuff like this :)
Play i`m the man i`m the man Dec. 01, 2012
i might just be blind but i think it needs a quality toggle butten.