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Play Little Protector Planes Little Protector Planes Oct. 27, 2013
Flattering to see someone else wanting credit for the game, especially funny for someone to create an account using a name from the credits. Game is stolen and should be removed, flag please. I'll be putting it up myself soon.
Play Token Hero Token Hero Jun. 18, 2013
I'm very interested to get opinions on the difficulty curve and if you think some dungeons are too hard or some too easy, currently the first 8-10 should be pretty easy but then difficulty starts ramping up. Bear in mind much of it depends on levelling up crew, but you should also hopefully start learning techniques for making big matches.
Play Arkandian Revenant Arkandian Revenant Aug. 28, 2011
I must written this about 100 times today... If you're getting a black screen, please update your flash player. If it still doesn't work, use something other than Chrome, asking me to fix it is futile since it's a flash player bug not a game bug and short of spamming Adobe there's nothing I can do about it. I wish there was! Thanks.
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Aug. 22, 2011
The black screen issue is the result of a bug in the latest flash player ( and is beyond my control. Thankfully it should be fixed by Adobe soon!
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Aug. 18, 2011
Hey guys, anyone experiencing the recent black screen issue, I've no idea why it's suddenly stopped working for a few people it must be a lfash player update. I'm planning to get it fixed just as soon as I have the free time to figure out what's wrong.
Developer response from undefined

Turns out it's a flash player issue. A fix should be released by Adobe soon.

Play Protector IV.V Protector IV.V Apr. 09, 2011
That's why I did it kirptose2, it's actually totally the wrong way to use numerals, but it's more fun! :)
Play Protector IV.V Protector IV.V Apr. 08, 2011
Thanks for pointing out my dumb Kong banner placement on the map screen. Egg on my face! Just to clear up a couple of things: Old saves aren't compatible because several adjustments were made that would have been broken by them. (Most notably, element change as an item property no longer exists) The reason for releasing as a stand-alone expansion is simply because if I just updated the old file it would break all saves and 99% of people would never know it was updated... Not to win a competition. (lol) 4.5 is also a stop-gap release prior to Protector 5 since number 5 won't be finished for quite a while. But trust me, it's going to be *insanely* epic and well worth the wait. Legends chapter 2 is still being worked on, don't worry! Hope everyone enjoys the new campaigns!
Play Cardian Cardian Feb. 23, 2011
<50 card decks giving blank cards has now been fixed. Thanks for the quick bug reports!
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Dec. 22, 2010
Recipes and components awarding are now sorted out. Along with WASD movement. Hope this update jingles your bells.
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Dec. 21, 2010
Quick note on the RNG: If it seems streaky it really is bad/good luck. It's a very simple random number between 1 and 100. reset each time and not pattern forming, my tests and checks all confirm that it's entirely random and the percentages shown are the real chance.
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Dec. 21, 2010
Issues with starting a game, quitting out and starting a new game are now fixed up too. Thanks for the reports, that was an obscure little bug. No more skipping the tutorial and starting with the introduction character.
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Dec. 21, 2010
As per requests: Quality settings have been added to the right click menu. Merry Christmas!
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Dec. 21, 2010
NaN gold, demon fight refresh save exploit and undefined item creation are all fixed now. thanks for the speedy bug reports everyone, that could have been a disaster! Enjoy the game.
Play Little Protectors Little Protectors Sep. 09, 2010
PoopLoops, don't you mean it's getting a Little annoying?
Play Little Protectors Little Protectors Sep. 05, 2010
People... Known Blueprints / Little Dress Up is a way to browse the blueprints you have found and see how they look. It's Not a way to equip your units before starting a level. It wouldn't be much of a challenge if you could pre-equip everyone in uber gear now would it? You get the Weapons and Armour during a level by crafting them in the unit window.
Play Little Protectors Little Protectors Sep. 04, 2010
The Known Blueprints / Little Dressup is simply to let you browse your current Blueprint collection. To equip the items you have to build them during gameplay. It's just an interesting way of letting you see how they all look together.
Play Little Protectors Little Protectors Sep. 02, 2010
You think right drstark! WWoD: I'll see about adding the options and hotkeys you mention in teh next few days, they make sense. Some mobs do drop resources (Ents, Metal/Crystal elementals). Give the attack timing a few levels, the lower level items are rather slow, but things speed up a lot once you start collecting rarer blueprints.
Play Protector IV Protector IV Jun. 21, 2010
Thanks ForceofLight I did wonder if I had it right or not, my favourite is Bulbasaur.
Play Protector IV Protector IV Jun. 19, 2010
Me too Ascander, originally I had intended to do the same for this.. But it became obvious having a coloured sprite for each unit in each element would require so much art, time and file space it just wasn't possible. Let alone the restrictions of flash. Even with 46 variations things were getting slow to work with. If I'd elementalized them all in the way Protector III does I'd be looking at 230 individual sprites, about a 9mb filesize and a very high cost just to have coloured clothes on the units... If you then imagine having 4 levels so that they visually improve on level up... 920 sprites. Obviously I had to come up with another solution.
Play Caesary Caesary Jun. 19, 2010
What a horrible game, my lord.