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May all your moons look down upon you with a shit-eating grin.

I put this here to get you to stop whining.

To shadowgirl211: You get a free dildo now

Gemini_Omega: ^

To shadowgirl211: You dirty slut

Eclipse_Angel: ^

shadowgirl211: Stross. You should put the dildo thing on your profile. (reply)

shadowgirl211: God that looks wrong (reply)

shadowgirl211: MAYBE YOU SHOULD PUT THAT THERE TOO (reply)

SushiRider: is sport some kind of currency?
Cushion: uo, is run code for money?
Cushion: how many runs are in a sports?
My greatest story ever!

uo153: You don’t think.
uo153: You do.
zacsai5: think.
uo153: About.
zacsai5: why.
uo153: You think that.
des657: sex
uo153: Is such a.
zacsai5: drag.
sopimusicianTWO: queen
Devillocks: rene descartes once said “i think not” and ceased to exist.
uo153: but then you realize.
zacsai5: the broom.
sopimusicianTWO: was phone
uo153: Is really a.
zacsai5: horse.
uo153: and that you really wanted to.
reece856501: **** it.
uo153: But then.
Devillocks: express yourself.
uo153: Right after that.
zacsai5: the horse.
uo153: Started to.
Devillocks: put it in my
uo153: Special spot.
zacsai5: my dog.

des657: and i came
uo153: Then came into.
Devillocks: who would often chase
uo153: Men
sopimusicianTWO: I feel like this is mad libs on adhd medication
uo153: So after that you felt.
des657: horny old men
Devillocks: me up/
uo153: Then you screamed as.
Devillocks: like this. “AS!!!!”
uo153: But then you realized it was only the friendly neighborhood.
Devillocks: where spiderman would often
zacsai5: jager bombs.
des657: masterbate
uo153: Because he.
zacsai5: ‘s in the ****ing zone
des657: saw some tits
uo153: But then the friend zone came and.
sopimusicianTWO: Who’s master bate?
To sopimusicianTWO: Ha.
zacsai5: it was super effective!
uo153: Of course, afterwards
Devillocks: and then he took an arrow to the
des657: dick
uo153: Causing him to retire and become a.
reece856501: Dildow
zacsai5: woman
des657: cagefighter
uo153: Attracting many men to watch him.
reece856501: Pusy
zacsai5: reece you are an idiot
des657: dance
Devillocks: who often would throw their
uo153: Devilishly handsome.
des657: panties
uo153: Which would end up causing spiderman to
Devillocks: disconnect his
zacsai5: not be in the avengers
uo153: Making the Avengers Movie A
zacsai5: completely awesome movies
Devillocks: total box office
uo153: With many
des657: sex toy!!
uo153: and
zacsai5: the
uo153: ending
zacsai5: will.
des657: sluys like it rough
des657: *sluts
sopimusicianTWO: This is horrifying.
uo153: But then half the theater left before the credits ended
Devillocks: and they missed the surprise ending where
uo153: The magical ice cream man
zacsai5: Antonio banderas
des657: they all ate dicks
uo153: Causing in many rating
uo153: s
Devillocks: flew in on a jetpack…. on the horse.
uo153: Which was actually
des657: secretariate
uo153: Disguised as.
zacsai5: una mujer
des657: jane fonda

uo153: Making the crowd scream in
reece856501: Pain
Devillocks: portuguese
zacsai5: gritando
des657: horror
sopimusicianTWO: at the sight of
uo153: Causing the theater to close until the end of
des657: her penis
zacsai5: la pelicula
uo153: came to the next
Devillocks: el santo versus nick fury!
uo153: and so then
zacsai5: if
uo153: Batman came to a halt.
des657: i had sex with
uo153: George
zacsai5: a
Devillocks: Clooney
uo153: Causing the spread of
des657: aids
sopimusicianTWO: AIDs
uo153: Through out the
des657: universe
zacsai5: of
uo153: Until from the sky came the legendary
des657: mewtwo
zacsai5: hahaha
uo153: (NO!)
zacsai5: and he cast
uo153: Many magical tiny
des657: shadow balls
zacsai5: crabs
uo153: That saturated all the
zacsai5: fat
Devillocks: crotches
uo153: in all of the
des657: dumps
zacsai5: lNS
zacsai5: land
uo153: But from across the street was his black rival
sopimusicianTWO: If this were a book i’d throw it
sopimusicianTWO: into the fire
des657: Gary
zacsai5: Busey
des657: rose
uo153: His grandfather asked his rival what his name was, so his nickname was actually
des657: Sex candy
uo153: (What was my Nephews name again? Oh, Thats right, it was Dickballs!)
Devillocks: Captain McStabbin
uo153: and with his power he rushed at mewtwo and
des657: died
zacsai5: fell
Devillocks: exploded in a burst of
uo153: because the tiny pebble of
des657: penis mints
uo153: had blocked his path
des657: to glory
uo153: and
Devillocks: pez
des657: his mom
uo153: so Mewtwo
des657: came on his face
uo153: Whispering softly this short phrase
Devillocks: “touch me there”
des657: i am your father
uo153: So then Gary screamed out.
zacsai5: DYRDEK?
des657: go magikarp!
uo153: Causing the earth to
zacsai5: Nothing happened.
Devillocks: because he forgot to plug in his
des657: vibrator
uo153: Which had many
zacsai5: pokemon-trader-cord thing
uo153: attached to the
sopimusicianTWO: dildo
des657: dresser
uo153: But then, from down the highway, standing in front of the dust storm was.
sopimusicianTWO: a dildo
des657: arceus
Devillocks: billy zane, billy the kid, and mr bill
uo153: Handing out little trinkets to all the
des657: faggets
sopimusicianTWO: dildo show
reece856501: ddd
kamsan102: hi
uo153: When many women came with huge
sopimusicianTWO: dildos
uo153: Trampling over mewtwo
sopimusicianTWO: ‘s dildo
des657: who slew them all
Devillocks: with his amazingly long
reece856501: away
uo153: Then down from the heavens came.
sopimusicianTWO: a dildo
reece856501: My DICK
des657: a ,ufin button
uo153: With this sacred item, whoever possessed it culd
uo153: could*
sopimusicianTWO: dildo people
reece856501: Shot people
des657: summon muffins
Devillocks: shot web?
uo153: The one and only weakness of
des657: humpty dumpty
sopimusicianTWO: the golden dildo
uo153: Who had accidently decided to
sopimusicianTWO: dildo himself
uo153: Also leading Sopi into the activity.
sopimusicianTWO: well now that’s done afk
uo153: But of course, old man Jenkins never liked the kids.
uo153: He despised them.
uo153: They always tossed baseballs through his window.
uo153: Scared his dogs.
uo153: and called him a white boy.
uo153: Thus ends my greatest story ever
Devillocks: named cracker mcCracker

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