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    In a dark,quiet place where no one hears me cry.
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You’re actually going to read this, aren’t you?
Sighs What leads a person to talking about themselves, maybe even telling some of their real life secrets over the internet to people they’ll probably never meet?
I don’t know…maybe it’s the safety you feel knowing they’ll never get to see you,the fact that you can just leave as easily as you come in, not caring for consequences…or maybe…some just need to tell these to others who might understand…
Ummm…ok, I guess I should tell you something about me so you don’t waste your time.
Let’s see, I’m a male from Brazil, which means English isn’t my native language so forgive me for any spelling errors. I have to say, I’m usually not comfortable with others from my country in the internet though…no offense meant, but from my knowledge most of times we tend to come out as illiterate and idiots, and I really dislike the fact this is even stereotyped by some, as such I try to stay away from these expectations.
I could add a bit of personality explanation, but you could really get much more of it by talking to me…seems I strike some people quite differently…I try not to come as arrogant and such, but some people might say I fail at this, I usually keep away from any discussion unless I’m personaly called to it or something really pisses me on it, I tend to be friendly normally, but I can easily act cold towards others…first impressions have a huge importance for me. So yes…quite paradoxical at parts…I figure it’s because of the image I already build of people beforehand…it affects how I act towards them a lot…
Tough I do get moody easily too…ah yes…that’s quite something bad I figure
You might notice I tend to get very wordy sometimes…which seems to be a bit…umm…unexpected? Yes, I do feel there is a lot that can be said about almost everything, and I do enjoy trying to do so. I also enjoy the other way around. A big text with substance is always something that I appreciate.

I’m not much of a badge hunter so I rather focus on fewer games, I also tend to pick them more based on the storyline/message and (surprinsingly)their music. I’m a huge fan of game music, since I dislike ones with vocals this leaves me with few options, but video game music can still be great(even if the game itself sucks), apart from them, I’m also a big fan of Two Steps From Hell, a company which makes music mostly for trailers, it’s definetly something worth listening to.
Some games I’d definetly recomend:
MARDEK:One of the best RPGs on kong.
You must play it,NOW

Behold! I’m quoting random stuff now:

“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”

Yes,I’m a brony.

Let’s see…if somepony will actually see this…I’ve been rather sad lately…I really don’t know where would be a good place to put this…guess it is as good as any…there’s just a ton of stuff going on in real life…I’d not want to ever talk about it…but it’s starting to affect me here…I don’t like how it goes…I mean…after seeing how the others acted when such things went on…staying is the last thing I hope for…actually…every day makes me feel worse…and…I’m getting way too deep already here…nevermind this…to keep it shorter…my will to stay is essentialy gone…and somehow…I’m okay with this…

More bad stuff…well,I did it again…yay me! Apparently my lack of tact is far greater than I thought…I don’t mean it when I’m talking to a friend…I don’t want to offend…but still…I can’t stop myself from saying what I think about that idea…if you,by any chance read this Lollus…I’m really sorry for what I said…and if you want me to,in any way you think,to repay it,just say anything…things I say never come out the way I truly want…never happen to go for what I try to…I’m so sorry…

Even more misery from me…I wonder if I’ll ever put anything truly positive here and get rid of those stuff up there(It’s getting old, though I could say I still haven’t fully got over them…) I figure it’s not like people even read this, which would be good…or maybe bad, seeing as I’m putting this in a public place, it’s obvious I want them to see it…right? Yes…that is true…it must be…
Anyway, on to what I was supposed to put here…I’ve been feeling…useless. But, not on the general meaning of the word, a way I’d define it would be: I see what’s going on, it makes me feel bad, I…sometimes I try to act on what I think, what I feel, but it doesn’t matter, it never does…
I feel I have no…point, things wouldn’t be better or worse without me…they’d just be the same. Like everything I do, while maybe having a momentary effect, turns to be meaningless in the end…it always does. I hate all this, I hate that I actually feel it’s better if I just always shut up, I hate faking that I’m not feeling anything for what’s happening, and most of all…I hate that I feel alone despite everything…I just wish I could feel some happyness…

And congratulations for reading through all this,you get nothing except for some random information about me which may or may not increase in size if I ever feel like it,enjoy.

I suppose this could be a nice way to say how I feel…

I suppose I use too many visual aids…ugh…but I always have so…so much trouble on expressing myself…



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