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Play Worldbox Worldbox Sep. 24, 2012
An option to change the speed might be nice too, it's quite slow as it is.
Play Worldbox Worldbox Sep. 24, 2012
It's quite nice, but I think it needs some more refining. If you let it run without any help then towns are founded too fast to allow the population to grow rapidly which ends up with population stagnation. For me this happens ubiquitously at 8 towns, where the population drops from the mid 20s to the mid teens and gets stuck there. Lowering the rate of town creation (or increasing population growth) would certainly help here.
Play Mud and Blood 2 Mud and Blood 2 Apr. 03, 2011
"V1 blitz wave... are you kidding me?" ... urbz doesn't kid >.<
lol the ending is win
Play ShellCore Command: Ep1 Final ShellCore Command: Ep1 Final Mar. 02, 2010
i've heard lots of people saying that 15 is the maximum number of weapons that can operate on your ship at once, but mine just fired 21 at once. made me think twice...