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Play Slots Slots Jul. 26, 2010
The most boring slot machine ever, i can only just be bothered to give it 1/5 (and if this is supposed to encourage me to visit their website it is counterproductive!)
Play The Lost Numbers The Lost Numbers Jul. 20, 2010
OK, but lacks sparkle ... needs a "give up/restart" button, and high scores (otherwise, why bother!?)
Play Feyruna Crystals Feyruna Crystals Jul. 16, 2010
Fair effort ... Needs more levels / better colour choices / perhaps bonuses (/mulitpliers/etc) / and so on ... also needs a reset and high scores (mines 2031!) ... 4/5 potential, but 3/5 for now.
Play Computer Speed Checker Computer Speed Checker Jun. 26, 2010
How do you record your hi-score - I gave up at 4000+, but it only recorded 2,300
Play Hypertube Hypertube Jun. 26, 2010
Nice game, very polished - but needs Kong API and Hi-Scores for 5/5 ;)
Play Computer Speed Checker Computer Speed Checker Jun. 26, 2010
Play Pushzor! Pushzor! Jun. 25, 2010
Not bad idea - suggest you put a "target" in the middle - so you score more points the closer to the middle you remain / and a multiplier goes up the longer you stay their (so each ring has it's own multiplier, perhaps). Oh, and a graphic for you "main character" would be nice! 3/5 (as encouragement!)
Play Stop smiling! :D Stop smiling! :D Jun. 25, 2010
"Dont bark" - but why post it if you've not time to finish it? Would your mum dish up raw chicken 'cause she hadn't had time to finish it?! You are assuming your effort is worth wasting our time - which is fine if there is some good to it ... but this is just undermining your rep b4 you even start! (sorry!)
Play Terrorist Shootout Terrorist Shootout Jun. 25, 2010
LOL - needs a Pentium II !!!!
Play Over Web Over Web Jun. 25, 2010
Better / more challenging than it looks - could do with some more polish / better physics in places so 3.5 / 5 so 4/5 for encouragement!
Play Poker Duel Poker Duel Jun. 25, 2010
OK - ish - not really "fun" tho! (and ho-scores don't seem to work ) . 3/5 (as I'm in a good mood)
Play Space Pixel REDUX Space Pixel REDUX Jun. 25, 2010
A simple, Space Invaders-esque, game but fine for a while - needs hi-scores! 3/5
Play color dots color dots Jun. 24, 2010
Seems simple - but is actually fun (for a while) - some questionable collision detection (especially when two blobs are virtually on top of each other) spoil it a bit - 4/5, then -1 for now high score and the "bug" ... so 3/5
Play Kenken Sudoku Kenken Sudoku Jun. 23, 2010
OK'ish, but needs hi-scores!
Play Retro Space Invaders Retro Space Invaders Jun. 23, 2010
Nothing new BUT A really good implementation of a classic - seems to have got every right (except the frequency of the bonus mother ships - which isn't a problem). 4/5
Play Anti-TD Anti-TD Jun. 21, 2010
A really good idea, badly done (sorry!)
Play Fireworks Fireworks Jun. 21, 2010
Nice game, simple idea - but more fun than it looks - seems to end suddenly / badly tho. Suggest more colours come in later - perhaps catherine wheels (click to light - would force you to move the mouse away from the plungers), perhaps rockets you can click to launce - perhaps as a end-of-round bonus, and a longer / better way of ending (one second I was playing, next I have a screen full of info re submitting my score - didn't even realise I was close to loosing! 3/5 with potential for 4/5 (esp if it had Kong API / hi-scores)
Play HexaShift HexaShift Jun. 21, 2010
Seems to be a bug - My "timed" game ran out despite there being around 10sec left to run, you could even see the count-down continuing thro the semi-transparent background of the score/submit screen!
Play HexaShift HexaShift Jun. 21, 2010
Nice simple game, well excecuted - only real problem is the score pop-up (+25, or whatever), is in the way! 4/5
Play Space Invaders Space Invaders Jun. 19, 2010
Not a bad re-write - however, the original sped up more when down to few (last) invaders , this loses out on the "manic" need to kill the last one or two as they whip back and forth (and lower) - so too easy!