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Play Connect 4 Baviux Connect 4 Baviux Mar. 17, 2014
Gives you a good long game, thanks.
Play Carrot Fantasy Extreme Carrot Fantasy Extreme Feb. 11, 2014
I liked original, and this is a good sequel except for the problems mentioned with the FOG banner in the way, and playing field cut off at edge. That seems not your fault, shame about that, or it would score higher.
Play Kick the Word Kick the Word Oct. 18, 2013
Not bad.
Play Kritaz Puzzle Vaults Kritaz Puzzle Vaults Oct. 13, 2013
Difficult, need patience. Slide tiles around to make picture, use gates to throw out any in the way.
Play Flooded Village Holland Flooded Village Holland Oct. 05, 2013
This game is on here twice, but has different creator names.
Play My Home Library My Home Library Sep. 26, 2013
It works fine for me, could do with a hint option in case you get stuck.
Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Sep. 13, 2013
Hi, I have no idea how to make a game, so forgive me if my suggestion is very difficult to achieve. It concerns the problem of collecting coins and bottles. Leave the scrolls as they are, so you have to click on them to activate them, but allow coins and bottles to be collected by just scrolling the cursor over them, so they can be picked up even when you can't see them as they are hidden by a group of scrolls or obscured by smoke. Other wise I have had no problems with the game, and enjoy it very much, thanks.
Play Blob's Story Blob's Story Jun. 20, 2013
Pretty good, but it could do with a bit more illumination, rather dark.
Play Pixel Pixing Pixel Pixing Apr. 06, 2013
Pleasant game, but could do with more levels thanks.
Play Cute Cat Memory Cute Cat Memory Jan. 05, 2013
Yes definitely rabbits.
Play Tower Machines Tower Machines Dec. 31, 2012
All tower defense games have the same basis, otherwise they would not be tower defense games, but I do not see this as a copy of Frontline defense or any other: I in fact prefer this game.
Play WowinScopa WowinScopa Dec. 22, 2012
I got one match fine, then I thought I had another but it would not accept it, so I could not go any further. Tried a new game but could not see how to use more than one card when there was no match, and some are hard to see what the value of the card is. Sorry but need work.
Play Combine Numbers Combine Numbers Dec. 12, 2012
Sorry but there is no platform, and the English instructions do not make sense.
Play Christmas Room Objects Christmas Room Objects Dec. 11, 2012
Could do with more levels please, thanks.
Play Gomoku Gomoku Dec. 02, 2012
Sorry yes it has problems, I had 2 lines it did not recognize this, then it froze.
Play Block Drop! Block Drop! Sep. 29, 2012
Will you add more levels please?
Play Hollywood Quiz Hollywood Quiz Dec. 16, 2011
It is easy if you are a real American film buff, I had never heard of half the young ones that came up.
Play Sky Factory Sky Factory Aug. 17, 2011
My only criticism now that I have played it a few times, is there is no pause option. Other wise it is very good.
Play Sky Factory Sky Factory Aug. 17, 2011
Different twist on matching blocks.
Play Hidden Numbers Aquarium Hidden Numbers Aquarium Aug. 09, 2011
I agree some of the numbers are just to faint, I like a challenge, but not to this point.