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Play Strand Strand Dec. 09, 2013
Pretty fun and relaxed.
Play Chronicles of Blood Chronicles of Blood Jan. 25, 2013
Glad I looked at the comments before I started trying to play this. It's cool, I'm still fine with my PS2. Screw the contest.
Play Grid16 Grid16 Aug. 15, 2011
My gaming instinct tells me to play something else.
Play Pyro II Pyro II Jul. 16, 2011
I guess every Quest has to have one game in it that absolutely sucks.
Play UpBot Goes Up UpBot Goes Up May. 22, 2011
Great game. Simple concept plays out really well, and the music is incredibly catchy.
Play Anaksha: Female Assassin Anaksha: Female Assassin May. 01, 2011
Why bother letting me skip the cutscene if I have to sit through it to find out what my next mission is? And then, it ends up being a dude in a black suit anyway. With sunglasses. At night.
Play Orbital Onslaught Orbital Onslaught Apr. 12, 2011
Not my kind of game I guess. I got bored with it after two levels. It just seemed like I was watching the game more than playing it.
Play Trollface Launch Trollface Launch Apr. 02, 2011
The kind of game I would try to make if I could make a flash game out of a notebook from 6th grade. Great music, artwork and animation, and definitely doesn't take itself seriously.
Play Vector Runner Vector Runner Mar. 26, 2011
Fun, but I know of no other game in the world that penalizes you for pausing.
Play Perfect Balance 3 Perfect Balance 3 Mar. 26, 2011
Lack of understanding of how badges are awarded to a game, Clato?
Play Cosmic Crush Cosmic Crush Mar. 22, 2011
Moving a little bit in one direction and then being launched uncontrollably in another to your eventual doom, without being able to see what's pulling you... not my idea of fun.
Play Another Cave Runner Another Cave Runner Mar. 22, 2011
Well, got to the ending after a few tries, and I guess that's it. Was fun while it lasted, but I don't see a reason to play more than 5 or 10 minutes.
Play Not Your War Not Your War Mar. 21, 2011
I really like how the unlocks are all very different things, instead of being 50 miniscule upgrades that take forever to rack up. Even though the levels are all pretty similar, you can actually see the ship becoming more powerful, which makes me want to keep playing.
Play Notebook Wars 2 Notebook Wars 2 Mar. 19, 2011
I like the visual style, but since it doesn't have a real effect on the game, this is essentially like every other top-down shooter. Maybe some tears in the paper that you have to avoid, or a power-up to "fold" part of the stage so that you can skip something. Something, anything, to make this game really different.
Play Monster Slayers Monster Slayers Feb. 15, 2011
@mrfredash It could just be that even though your friend's team was level 83, it was weak to your team's particular strengths. High level might not mean anything if he can't handle ranged attacks and you've got a team of archers.
Play Ninja Hamsters vs Robots Ninja Hamsters vs Robots Feb. 14, 2011
Good game, but I got a little bored after replaying Level 7 a few times to stock up on sushi. Another day and I may be a little more determined.
Play No Time To Explain No Time To Explain Feb. 02, 2011
Clever control *idea* but execution needs a lot of work. Awesome voice work and ending, though.
Play Icy Gifts Icy Gifts Feb. 01, 2011
@signinginislame - You're giving a game a 1 rating because of an ad, which the developer doesn't even have a part in? Real classy.
Play Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack Liquid Measure 2 Dark Fluid Level Pack Jan. 17, 2011
mukunku: Please pay attention. There's already a button to turn off sound.
Play Epic War 2 Epic War 2 Dec. 20, 2010
Also, there's a big difference between "endurance" and "patience." If I were fighting back hordes of enemies that were charging into my castle, that would be endurance. This game makes me wait for enemy forces that move like they're in line at a grocery store.