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Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash Jun. 25, 2013
maybe your brain is getting faster ^^
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash May. 31, 2013
I really hate the level changes. They feel awkward and disrupt the flow of movement. Especially those jumps where you have to change lanes twice.
Play Maze game Maze game Jan. 21, 2011
lol... good one but the game still sux
Play Factory Balls, the Christmas edition Factory Balls, the Christmas edition Dec. 15, 2010
great game, but i hate the music
Play Hot Girls - Matching Game Hot Girls - Matching Game Sep. 30, 2010
well, it's better than i expected when i saw the pic
Play LOTRp: Lord Of The Rings Parody LOTRp: Lord Of The Rings Parody Sep. 29, 2010
wow this is so bad that is funny in some crazy way, so... 2/5
Play Run Away!! Run Away!! Sep. 27, 2010
+ if you only clicked this cause of the pic
Play Pretty Barbie Dress Up Pretty Barbie Dress Up Sep. 18, 2010
i wouldnt even call them 'games' cause u cant really do much
Play My First Maze Game My First Maze Game Sep. 18, 2010
i understand that u are propably very proud of what u created, but i dont think anyone here wants to play such 'games' 1/5
Play Treasure of the castle Treasure of the castle Sep. 18, 2010
i played the first 2 levels then i stoped cause it got boring, i think the game doesn't motivate the player enough
Play Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Sep. 15, 2010
where is the meat-dress?
Play Mine Quattro Mine Quattro Sep. 13, 2010
this game is actually pretty good
Play Shot in The Dark (Sample) Shot in The Dark (Sample) Aug. 05, 2010
Well, this is not really a game.
Play Probably the worst game ever Probably the worst game ever Jul. 24, 2010
lol, the game is crap, but i like your style 1/5
Play Party Freak Party Freak Jul. 18, 2010
umm maybe it's cause im not a 8 year old girl, but i don't like it 2/5
Play 2010 World Cup Streaker 2010 World Cup Streaker Jun. 14, 2010
why does the poor man have no genitalia?
Play Atomator Atomator Apr. 07, 2010
awesome game, but last level is a bit too much try and error 4/5
Play Smiley avoider Smiley avoider Mar. 29, 2010
2450 xD 2/5
Play Starmageddon Starmageddon Feb. 21, 2010
the game is ok, but to easy 4/5
Play Snipedown Snipedown Jan. 23, 2010
it's too easy, gets boring once you have all the ubgrades