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Play Final Ninja Final Ninja Apr. 02, 2010
I love Nitrome games. The pixel art is amazing.
Play rain man. rain man. Apr. 02, 2010
I like how the scarf flaps around a bit after the person stops running.
Play Shoot While Avoiding Shoot While Avoiding Apr. 02, 2010
Really nice idea. The bouncing spheres are a good element of unpredictability. The background color changes are a nice touch.
Play Buggy Buggy Apr. 02, 2010
I agree that the music is good. It fits well with the mood of the game. Great design and humor.
Play Deadly 360 Deadly 360 Mar. 28, 2010
Great game. The one second pause when closing the upgrade menu add a nice tactical angle to the experience. I often open and close the upgrade menu so that I can use that one second to aim and to prioritize my targets.
Play Galactic Assault Galactic Assault Mar. 14, 2010
Great job. You really put your 30 day trial to good use. If the full version of Flash is out of your price range, you may want to consider looking into Adobe Flex. It may be harder to use than Flash, but it is free, uses Actionscript, and creates .swf files.
Play Fast Battle Checkers Fast Battle Checkers Mar. 14, 2010
Nice physics! Original idea with a lot of potential.
Play Alien Tank Alien Tank Mar. 14, 2010
Nice animation on the alien tank. I see that the different parts of the tank animate independently from each other, that is, even when the tank stops and the treads are not moving, the lights still blink. The artificial intelligence on the tank is also well done.
Play Paper Warfare Paper Warfare Mar. 06, 2010
Great game. Wonderful art and weapon design. It's fun to turn on the shields and ram everything on screen.
Play Rad Chef Rad Chef Mar. 06, 2010
Great music and food sprites. I like the flow of this game where you have a destination and secondary objectives of delivering the food to customers.
Play Craqua Craqua Mar. 01, 2010
Awesome game. There are a lot of subtle graphical effects that together give a high level of polish. I especially like how you have the crab's arms pop in and out as you start or stop firing. Looking forward to your next game.
Play Z-Space Z-Space Feb. 21, 2010
I like how you have the lasers shoot at varying angles; it's much more dynamic than lasers that shoot directly up and down.
Play Space shooter Space shooter Feb. 21, 2010
Nice graphics. The frame reminds me of the user interfaces in some of the old DOS games.
Play Sleeping Blades Sleeping Blades Feb. 21, 2010
Plays very smoothly, and the music fits well. Looking forward to seeing the full version.
Play Particles Extreme Particles Extreme Feb. 20, 2010
Very well polished. I like how you zoom out to show players the scale of the space station.
Play DunkIt 2 DunkIt 2 Feb. 20, 2010
This game is very relaxing when played with a drawing tablet. I'm really hungry now :)
Play Glow Glow Feb. 20, 2010
Nice music. I also like the super attack that fills the screen.
Play Robot Hunter Robot Hunter Feb. 20, 2010
Incredible artwork. I love pixel art.
Play The Chat Protector The Chat Protector Feb. 20, 2010
I like the design of the ship. The explosions are well animated.
Play UFO attack UFO attack Dec. 15, 2009
Nice work on the power-ups and the UFO animations.