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Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Feb. 05, 2013
Every single pass either bounces off of my receiver, or the receiver just doesn't run. Cool.
Play Brute Wars Brute Wars Sep. 05, 2012
Hm. I've got a frog, a cat, a horse, a camel, a beetle, and a penguin. THIS SEEMS PROMISING.
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Sep. 04, 2012
dear Kong, I don't see many similarities between Badge Master (the one i rated) and Decision 2, but kthx.
Play Shopping Cart Hero 3 Shopping Cart Hero 3 Aug. 26, 2012
0/5 needs badges
Play Falling Sands Falling Sands Aug. 26, 2012
HOW TO: Get blood. Step 1: Kill a zombie via wall-execution. Step 2: Select the "Cloner" Step 3: Pour over any existing blood. Congratulations, you now have blood.
Play Falling Sands Fast Falling Sands Fast Aug. 25, 2012
It's amazing how complex this game is; for example, small doses of LSD cause less severe hallucinations. But it's amazing how you forgot that oil always rises on top of water. Either way, 5/5/5/5/5 game.
Developer response from ajs11893

good point with oil and water, I didn't really think people would mind and it would take more processing power to implement a density feature.

Play Falling Sands Fast Falling Sands Fast Aug. 25, 2012
As soon as I saw LSD, I fell in love with this game.
Play The Impossible Maze The Impossible Maze Jul. 18, 2012
@Nabhan Most definitely. I don't know why one would een have t oask that. @Cabgregate zomg came in my pants
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Apr. 08, 2012
"I'm a soccer player with a net worth of over two million dollars and three tournament wins. Wanna go out?" "Do you own a watch?" "Uh.. no." "Haha, go away, loser." FOREVER ALONE.
Play Trololo game Trololo game Apr. 02, 2012
Overlapping text on the game? K. No thanks.
Play Frantic Frantic Mar. 14, 2012
Dear impossible badge: If I wanted to play a ragdoll avoider game, I would play ragdoll laser dodge
Play Boss Battle Boss Battle Mar. 14, 2012
I actually really like this game. Very fun, simple idea expanded. 5/5
Play Ultimate Assassin 3 Ultimate Assassin 3 Mar. 12, 2012
3/5, because you can't kill the guards even if you sneak up on them and they don't see you. + This comment if you want the developer to allow guards to be killed
Play Badge Master Badge Master Mar. 12, 2012
Needs badges
Play Bubble Trouble 2 Bubble Trouble 2 Feb. 25, 2012
I remember playing this as a kid. Glad to see it here.
Play Theme Hotel Theme Hotel Dec. 27, 2011
How do you pay back loans..?
Play Pirate Defense Pirate Defense Jul. 17, 2011
Beat hard mode with 167040 points =/
Play Infectonator : World Dominator Infectonator : World Dominator Apr. 16, 2011
My game locks up before the news too.
Play Search for games & more Search for games & more Dec. 30, 2010
20 seconds 720 score first time 14 seconds 390 score 16 seconds 530 16 seconds 546 score was my average.
Play Doodle God Doodle God Dec. 10, 2010
Done. My last one was bread.