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Play Square Shooter. Square Shooter. Jun. 20, 2014
not bad...
Developer response from JayTheBeast

thank you

Play asndkand asndkand Jun. 20, 2014
Needs: a proper name (I understand that it's a prototype, but still) a tutorial an idea of what I'm doing just randomly spinning around and killing blue blocks.
Play Triangular 2048 Triangular 2048 Jun. 20, 2014
Smart idea :)
Developer response from Frederik77

Thanks, glad you like it! :)

Play A to K A to K Jun. 20, 2014
You should make every different letter a different colour, to make it look a bit better.
Play Plane Battle Plane Battle Jun. 19, 2014
I don't know how far that plane goes, but I've noticed several things so far 1. The plane has no pilot, but has a piloting seat 2. I have been resting at the lowest possible point (just above the water) and nothing has been touching me. I have literally been staying there and not moving for 5 minutes. The blimps' machine guns hit me, but luckily, every single health pack also lands on my plane. You should make the planes go lower so there's a reason to not just stay at the bottom like what I did. Otherwise, it's too easy to just regain health by staying where nothing can touch me and picking up health packs.
Play Bowlarama Bowlarama Jun. 19, 2014
Not bad. It would recommend a difficulty setting for the NPC though. It keeps getting gutter ball or a small amount of pins. Also, for new players, there should be a mode where the gutters are pulled up. Pretty good. Needs more players.
Play Square Square Jun. 19, 2014
Needs a pause button. Nice game though.
Play Sea Dragon Sea Dragon Jun. 19, 2014
Developer response from Turricanen

Thanks for the grammar. :) I have fixed it.

Play Jewels: Slide and Blast! Jewels: Slide and Blast! Jun. 18, 2014
A mix of 2048 and bejeweled? Brilliant idea :)
Developer response from jorgemoag

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the game

Play Gem Match Deluxe Gem Match Deluxe Jun. 18, 2014
There should be a way to see our score while we play. I feel quite clueless to how well I'm doing while I play.
Developer response from fighter106

It is time based game and score is reducing continuously with the time. You can see the estimate on the Bar on the top left part of screen.

Play Alien Attack Alien Attack Jun. 18, 2014
Needs some sort of ending. Maybe a second level, or maybe a boss. Not that bad for a first game though :)
Play Key Tower Key Tower Jun. 18, 2014
Definitely needs more letters and combinations.
Play TrackRacing Pursuit TrackRacing Pursuit Jun. 18, 2014
Pretty good game so far. You should make it that hitting things causes you to lose HP too. I went 100 km/h into a wall, and the hood of my car flew off. Still 100 HP. Also, I would recommend a different pause screen. Also, pausing single player doesn't really pause it. Other than that, it's a pretty good game so far.
Play The X-Virus the game The X-Virus the game Jun. 18, 2014
Interesting game. Could probably use a pause button though.
Play Car Simulator Car Simulator Jun. 16, 2014
Needs to be able to respawn after falling off a cliff. Also, get more cars, and more maps. Other than that it's pretty good.
Developer response from Jask0

Thanks for the interest in the game. I have lost source files to the game and i have to code and design everything again, More Cars and More maps were planned

Play World Weirdest Quiz! World Weirdest Quiz! Jun. 16, 2014
Not bad, but colour scheme can be improved, as well as some noise
Developer response from Jask0

Done,Added some graphic improvement and music will be added later(Have to figure out how)!

Play Super Action Packed Shooter Of Awesomly Awesomness Super Action Packed Shooter Of Awesomly Awesomness Jun. 16, 2014
Not bad. I like it. Could use a checkpoint/level system though.
Developer response from plaincamron666

Tnx, It's meant to be really hard though ;)

Play Swaggy Bird Swaggy Bird Jun. 16, 2014
A pretty funny version of Flappy Bird. Not bad at all. The "Justin Bieber" rank is pretty offending though ;)
Developer response from wardreamer234

Haha, thanks for the comment, it looks like the offending nature of this game has come through to you ;) -Peter, ZenCom

Play FatalShot FatalShot Jun. 16, 2014
Could be worked on a bit. Once I get in a game, I'm not sure how to get out. Are there more weapons than just a pistol? Will there be future updates? The target doesn't align with my cursor. Is there a point of single player? Also, a bit more maps, players, and guns :) Guns should have an ammo limit too.
Developer response from VinciukGame

Thank you for opionion, a lot of updates will be avaliable, i have uploaded this game only for test user connection, a lot of maps will be avaliable in few days. About the target doesn't allign with cursor i think to solve this problem in a few days. Now i run to update the game :D :D :D A new version is now avaliable -Added Menu -Added Hide/Show Cursor -Added Lock Mouse Center Instruction : Press P for Hide/Show/Lock cursor!

Play KingsRoad KingsRoad Mar. 19, 2014
I think it needs a banking system. So we can put our extra armour in the bank, as well as extra stacks of consumables. Also, there should be a way to earn all skillpoints necessary to fill up all your skills without buying any of them.