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Play Canon Canon Jun. 02, 2013
Welcome to all the folks who found this game via Nerd^Cubed! This was an entry for Ludum Dare, so it was made in 48 hours and not super polished. I'll be releasing an updated and expanded version soon so keep an eye out. Thanks!
Play ... :D ... :D May. 29, 2013
This was one of my favorites from LD48. Glad you made an extended/HD/awesomer version!
Play True treasure of Kartoffelschloss True treasure of Kartoffelschloss Apr. 29, 2013
Hint: If you're frustrated with the wall jump, jump off the wall *before* you reach the top of your jump so you keep your vertical momentum!
Play Smooch Chase Smooch Chase Apr. 27, 2013
It's a cute game, and I really like the mechanics! But I think a larger default size (for those of us who don't like cinematic mode) and some more ingame instructions on controls would be nice.
Developer response from AndreChurros

Thanks for the feedack! Yeah, i think the default size is the main weak point of it. I didn't knew if Kongregate woud scale it up automatically or not. Guess now I now it don't.

Play Siege Knight Siege Knight Apr. 11, 2013
Here's my 3 star strategy for the last level: for traps, I had 3 rows of fully upgraded archers in the back, 3 rows of fully upgraded barriers and then 3 rows of maxed out freeze traps. My weapons were maxed out arrows and lightning spell with max mana upgrades. Basically I let the archers take care of most of what happens on the ground while I use lightning and arrows to kill drakes and replace barriers (healing uses too much time / mana) as necessary. I try to zap orcs and elementals with lightning to soften them up if I can and when the skies are clear I just rain arrows into the crowd.
Play Battle without End Battle without End Feb. 21, 2013
Why does my attack say 95-86 and not 86-95?
Play SkullFace SkullFace Jan. 23, 2013
Oh hey! You're the guy the Stencyl blog featured a while back! Glad to see your game doing super well. It's fun! =)
Play ASCIIvania ASCIIvania Jul. 24, 2012
can i jump in this game?
Play Glean Glean Jul. 11, 2012
How do I get the other gas? All I can find is Vespene. And I've been to 10 different planets.
Play Focus Focus Nov. 13, 2011
This is the best game ever.
Play Little Cave Hero Little Cave Hero Aug. 23, 2011
this is the only facebook game i play because it has gameplay.
Play Tankblitz Zero Tankblitz Zero Aug. 20, 2011
Guys I loved this game! I can't wait until you get more money/sponsorship and get a bigger version out. In fact I'd probably buy it if you did a full Steam downloaded version for $5 or $10 or whatever is reasonable.
Developer response from 3dleigh

Thanks, appreciate your support.

Play Cat God vs Sun King Cat God vs Sun King Jul. 26, 2011
Guide for infinite time on survival: lvl 3 lightning, reaper, soul jar, locust, polymorph and earthquake (my earthquake is actually level 2). use earthquake whenever possible and make sure you always have a reaper summoned. always use soul jar whenever you can get more than 3 enemies in its path for mana. once you get to levels 6/7 that's when you can have infinite playtime. soul jar can hit 10+ enemies if you fire it in the center when enemies are bunched up, and then you can lightning the crap out of them once you get mana from them. sun kings are not actually that problematic. the reaper is amazing at killing the sun king. polymorph is your main weapon against the grunts and champions (which are the real threats). if you have earthquake ready use it before you polymorph. if your reaper is dead lightning and locust the top , polymorph the top once and then resummon the reaper. healers aren't that much of an issue since your lightning and locusts can kill them pretty easily.
Play Insectonator: Zombie mode Insectonator: Zombie mode Jun. 01, 2011
For gem levels you can use explosive weapons to push gems around. The Browning is the best IMO. I just push all the gems into a pile and then kill everything around them as they come in. Also for the Just Do It list: anvil on nuke, lightning on nuke, napalm on nuke, dart on bullseye of dartboard level, and kill lots of zombies with the basketball on the ball court level.
Play Front Runner Front Runner Mar. 30, 2011
For people who are stuck after killing the third boss: just hang out and don't shoot and the little guy will eventually "adopt" you.
Play Necronator Necronator Jun. 03, 2010
Not as fun as Infectonator. Too much clicking.
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Nov. 29, 2009
If I could give this 6 stars I would. The last stage was awesome.
Play Red Fluxion Red Fluxion Nov. 10, 2009
Oh man final boss was AWESOME.
Play Obechi Obechi Oct. 17, 2009
I REALLY like this. Much better than Boomshine since I feel like I have much more control.
Play Frontier Frontier Oct. 03, 2009
Ugh. I am like a level 5 pirate and they all still attack me. WTF?