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Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kingdom Rush Frontiers Jun. 03, 2015
Are you f/ing kidding me? Level 7 is impossible! They overwhelm me in no time in a certain wave when I have lasted untouched for over 10 waves!
Play Necronator 2 Necronator 2 Dec. 28, 2014
Hard mode isn't hard because the enemy is more powerful. It's hard because my units become a bunch of retards who are running around in circles ignoring my commands as well as the enemy's units who are hitting my castle just next to them!
Play WW2 dogfight, age of Warplane WW2 dogfight, age of Warplane Sep. 26, 2014
I laughed at the "reset game or keep playing" choices you gave when I completed the game, since all I had to do to reset was refresh the page. No save option in such a good game? Seriously dude?
Play Overlod Overlod Sep. 25, 2014
Oh so I leave and my rituals are gone.
Play Overlod Overlod Sep. 25, 2014
Seems like everyone who was playing that game lost his stored souls. Do you know how much time it will take to retrieve those 2m souls I lost? omg, wtf was wrong with this update
Play Effing Worms - Xmas Effing Worms - Xmas Sep. 24, 2014
Wow, "my worm" went so gigantic in the end that the screen was all gray. DARK GRAY.
Play Overlod Overlod Sep. 19, 2014
I've reached 80Billion and still don't know how to earn a soul?
Play Planet Juicer Planet Juicer Jul. 28, 2014
Wow. Even arrows would be stronger than those alien weapons.
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Jul. 27, 2014
Lmao. It's a great game truly, but seriously. Who would pay cash for this? It's completely pathetic putting a kreds system in this game.
Play Miscrits Miscrits Jul. 27, 2014
Giving kreds to guards is a logical fallacy-.- Gold is their world's money, wtf will they do with the kreds?
Play Clockwords: Prelude Clockwords: Prelude Jul. 27, 2014
1/5 just for the no pause option.
Play Colony Age Robot Outbreak Colony Age Robot Outbreak Jul. 25, 2014
Those aren't robots. If you want to design robots , next time it would be a good idea not to resemple playmobiles.
Play Renegades Renegades Jul. 23, 2014
And what about adding health bars to the enemies?
Play Renegades Renegades Jul. 23, 2014
Hey bub, you are forgeting a basic thing: The speed up button.
Play The Last Stand 2 The Last Stand 2 Jul. 05, 2014
You know. The medium badge should actually be the hard one...
Play SkullFace SkullFace Jul. 05, 2014
Wtf with lvl 39!?
Play Bug War 2 Bug War 2 Jun. 18, 2014
aunts r mine fayvoreat rays + dis so dat othars can sea
Play Super Marine Super Marine Jun. 15, 2014
What if I told you..."normal" mode is actually "hard"
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight May. 01, 2014
What's that final boss fight all about? Why is he spamming minions all the time? The hard badge should be upgraded to an impossible one, or the boss should be nerfed hard. 2/5 for that and for the rest of the problems described in the comments section.
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Apr. 15, 2014
I'd like a "reset data" option.