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Play Lionheart Tactics Lionheart Tactics May. 20, 2015
Yeah, I gave this game a days worth of "play", but when you are waiting more than you are playing it takes all the fun out of what a game like this is supposed to be. Too bad. The developers came up with something really good and turned it into a sh*tty time sink because of greed. I foresee a lot of players moving on to something that doesn't make you pay out of pocket for EVERYTHING. I understand that developers need to make a living too, but seriously, you wrecked your game because of greed.
Play Lionheart Tactics Lionheart Tactics May. 20, 2015
So I have a priest that can heal instantly in battle, but when the battle's over I have to wait to heal? Seems legit...
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Apr. 26, 2015
F#ck this. Not starting over for a third time because the game won't save. I don't have to manually save other games, shouldn't have to worry about this kind of thing. Later.
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Apr. 25, 2015
Eggs... I like eggs.
Play Hero Zero Hero Zero Sep. 11, 2013
It would be helpful if we had the option to ignore certain players who keep demanding batteries. All we have for options now are to either give or deny batteries. I use my mailbox as an alert from fellow teammates as to when villains show up. I have enough spam in real life, I don't need it here as well.
Play Triviador Triviador Aug. 24, 2013
So. When I run out of "adventures" I have to pay real money for Kreds to buy more adventures to keep playing. Otherwise I have to wait for over 30 minutes to play again? That's a pretty good way to turn people off of this game. Nice job devs. You can take your "adventure$" and forcefully shove them in your backside.
Play Hero Zero Hero Zero Aug. 12, 2013
The advertisements are no longer shortening waiting times.
Play Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral Jun. 09, 2013
So, no save feature? Very lame.
Play Sticky Blobs Sticky Blobs Mar. 15, 2013
5 Stars and favorited.
Play Hero Zero Hero Zero Mar. 01, 2013
Can we have the rankings list back to the way it was? Kind of a pain when you have to type the players name each and every time you want to attack them.
Play The Fall of Mr. Wily The Fall of Mr. Wily Feb. 27, 2013
Reminds me of that Dire Straits "Money for nothing" video.
Play Enola: Prelude Enola: Prelude Jan. 21, 2013
Game froze after about 45 minutes of play...
Play You Can't Win! You Can't Win! Jan. 13, 2013
After about 16 hours of trying, i finally won!!!
Play Otherworldly War 3 Otherworldly War 3 Jan. 06, 2013
So the moving logo in the top right is pretty annoying.
Play Troll Bridge Troll Bridge Dec. 16, 2012
You wasted your time and mine.
Developer response from dmilham

I will gladly refund your time. Thanks for playing.

Play Grey Goo Turbo Challenge Grey Goo Turbo Challenge Dec. 16, 2012
Play Jump Jump Dec. 03, 2012
Developer response from DanielNL

Fixed the highscores. Sorry for your lost highscore.

Play Donuts Attack Donuts Attack Nov. 30, 2012
Play Mechanic Tom Mechanic Tom Nov. 30, 2012
@MopedMan the largest gear goes on the gun and doesn't end up touching the others.
Play Shan Shan Nov. 22, 2012
i was a little confused at first, then i read the instructions and it all became clear.