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Play Heroes of Gaia Heroes of Gaia Jul. 22, 2012
Your hero should be on the battlefield. What is the point of a hero,besides stats, in a battle???
Play Epic War 5 Epic War 5 Jul. 05, 2012
Appearance should change with accesories.
Play Epic War Saga Epic War Saga Jun. 29, 2012
Heroes need a basic attack. When a hero is swarmed and can't afford the special attack he is screwed. Just a suggestion.
Play Gravitee Wars Gravitee Wars Jun. 24, 2012
The AI enemys should also try to kill each other.
Play Paladog Paladog Jun. 06, 2012
There should be an Auto-Attack that doesn't require Mana so Paladog has another mean of Self-defense
Play Run 2 Run 2 Aug. 11, 2011
Realizing his sons power, the father lays there, dying watching his son, he then explains to his son his powers to move walls and stick to them, the son ask the father what to do and the father said......"run"...
Play Crush The Castle 2 PP Crush The Castle 2 PP Aug. 01, 2011
n the level tower of magic, just wait 5 minutes and see what happens
Play Play Kongs 10,000th Game Birthday Play Kongs 10,000th Game Birthday Jul. 30, 2011
right click + play= easy game
Play Rock Age Rock Age Jul. 27, 2011
Finally, a MMO without big-breasted woman!
Play Newgrounds Rumble Newgrounds Rumble Jun. 30, 2011
The convict last level is frikin impossible!! 3 one 1??? Come on, a dude with a sword, a dude with a gun and a girl with knives vs a guy with fist!
Play Kick Out Bieber Kick Out Bieber Jun. 22, 2011
I bet that when the word about this game gets around, this will be the most popular game ever!
Play Neil the Nail Neil the Nail Jun. 11, 2011
This is by far the absolute BEST game ever, I mean, Hammers, nails gett ing screwed (get it???) and...and, painting gloves red and maing hammers faint! Frikin yeah!!!
Play The Endless Zombie Rampage The Endless Zombie Rampage Jun. 10, 2011
Story mode would be GREAT!!!
Play The Last Mech-Druid The Last Mech-Druid Mar. 15, 2011
I thought this would be a bad game. Then I played it. I changed my mind.
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Feb. 02, 2011
On a defense quest my guy can't kill one f***ing unit! He does 14 damage and they have 15 life. F*** demon worshipers who attack my summoned angel.
Play Epic Quest Epic Quest Jan. 31, 2011
Lol, "I am the dark king of the dark kingdom who makes darkness darker.".
Play Remnants of Skystone Remnants of Skystone Jan. 13, 2011
Strenghts/Weaknesses.IF YOU ARE NEW READ THIS! Aeronaut Strenghts= Long-ranged attack. Can fly over obstacles. Weaknes=Low damage. Ferric Strenght= Damage done, Can resist steam. Weaknes= Short ranged attack Crag Strenght= Good damage, can move fast with rope Weaknes= Medium range attack, enemies coud attack before they get destroyed.
Play Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Path of Honor: Chapter 1 Jan. 08, 2011
Lol, the only reason I played this game because I thought it said "horror" and not "honor".
Play Death Penalty World Cup Death Penalty World Cup Jan. 02, 2011
Someone call the cops! Security? Marines? I'm pretty sure a soer game would have security!
Play Critter Forge Critter Forge Dec. 30, 2010
people will cal me a dork for favin' this, but it's probably because they never played it...