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    Tea bagging a bear trap.
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    Jun. 08, 2009

Hello there,
I’m a Garry’s mod player,
A blacksmith and an Eagle Scout.
I like Skyrim, Minecraft, Killing floor, and Fallout 3.
I like Kongs rules, they make sense, so I follow them.
I like people to get along, instead of cause drama.
I’ve been told I’m pretty cool, so chat it up with me if you like.

Also I dont like it when people hate other people because of something they like, do, interact with or worship.
now that that the more serious part of my profile is done….my more er…fun? side of me
Im a jack of all trades and I would also show you how to do anything you ask assuming I know how to

I sculpt with mainly cardboard and have been told Im fairly good

Epic quote time:

H80fenix: how is black people can call themselves the n word and not raise hell about it
Paulwmert: ask a black person

Death_Toll: Worm, theres been an accident.
Death_Toll: Alice has died
wormyish: The rabbit did it I presume?

benodoc: i need some razor bladddddes
wormyish: shaving?
benodoc: wow you’re good
benodoc: interpreted my mental institution talk perfectly
wormyish: I know.
wormyish: Im so good I scare myself sometimes


SpeaksInBase64: I can’t seem to be able to pull a single **** out of my ass to give to you.

lookMyABS: gotts love my created profile pisture
gkpekno1: picture
wormyish: Son, the public education system has failed you.

MirrorsLlort: Lizard Humans will arise and control the world order.

Mwoas: You’ll find happiness inside, zelol.
wormyish: I found happiness inside your mom.

horsesandbabies: hey!I have 3 baby brothers and sisters under 3
wormyish: OM NOM NOM NOM
Death_Toll: … Are they tasty?

Ampherobrawl: Who says the dragon’s fire won’t melt that shit?
wormyish: DEZ NUTS
wormyish: :)
Stineburg: word.
BarbWolf: drop a starship on it
Ampherobrawl: Okay. Go pick up a 4 ton starship and drop it on a dragon.
wormyish: They were MEANT to fly.
Stineburg: 4 tons aint shit.
Ampherobrawl: Are YOU suggesting a 4 ton starship is less than or equal to fecal matter, Stineburg?

Opiomorph: DIEEE RYAN
EvilHoneymustard: Never!
Opiomorph: Please?

The2taco: so a spiritual bear is up an eagles ass?

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