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Play Bear in Super Action Adventure Bear in Super Action Adventure Jul. 07, 2015
That bear-fox sounds very similar to Peter from Family Guy! Good stuff... thanks for the great game!
Play 'Til Cows Tear Us Apart 'Til Cows Tear Us Apart May. 24, 2015
haha... fun and interesting story!
Play Cube Escape: Seasons Cube Escape: Seasons May. 24, 2015
great game! Thanks for the creepy experience!
Play The Awakening RPG The Awakening RPG May. 10, 2015
I ran into a strange bug... when escaping the cave where I found the second crystal, I run into an alien-like creature. Upon defeating this creature, it launches the fishing game. Once I complete the fishing game, its game over and the screen goes blank... Has this happened to any one esle?
Developer response from RockLou

I have heard that from other players too.

Play Kill the Plumber Kill the Plumber May. 03, 2015
great game! Almost did a rage quit on the last leve, until I realized what I was supposed to do to get the pit in the middle! Up until the ghost levels, the game we by VERY quickly.
Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Apr. 26, 2015
wow, all the same horrible issues that date back to 2013: 1. screen is too big for the window, I have to keep scrolling up and down to see everything. 2. SLOW progress for even the most pathetic of tasks. 3. Just way too confusing/involved even for simple casual game play. 4. Too many items require purchasing something to get them. HOW DID THIS GAME EVER GET A 4 STAR RANK?!?!
Play Frozen Islands Frozen Islands Apr. 13, 2015
oh yeah, and had this game been equipped with a fast-forward button, I could have easily gone through it in just a couple hours instead of about 4-5
Play Frozen Islands Frozen Islands Apr. 13, 2015
yup, the "beat the boss" badge is a medium for a good reason... you can really beat the boss before beating every island. go ahead... you know you want to try it.
Play Decision 3 Decision 3 Apr. 12, 2015
so... you scout the last area and the game ends? I keep clicking "continue" but nothing happens... please don't tell me I have to do that all over again...
Play Decision 3 Decision 3 Apr. 12, 2015
Fully upgraded Machete + no armor (best speed) + RAGE + huge groups of enemies = Hilarious!!
Play Epic Boss Fighter 2 Epic Boss Fighter 2 Mar. 21, 2015
Thanks MighyTharos, your suggestion for the kraken worked perfectly! Got it on the first try.
Play Sentry Knight 2 Sentry Knight 2 Mar. 08, 2015
Objective 1: "Survive the world"... huh? Is that some sort of bad translation from another language?
Play Papa's Burgeria Papa's Burgeria Mar. 01, 2015
I feed them raw burgers built to perfection... and they always come back for more!
Play Aether Aether Feb. 24, 2015
hmmm. Interesting... made me feel a little motion sickness, but looks neat! Thanks to Darknesslord99 for the helpful top comment.
Play Flaming Zombooka 3 : Carnival Flaming Zombooka 3 : Carnival Feb. 24, 2015
5/5 just for that minigame at the end... haha... took me a while to realize that it wasn't just some funny ending credits.
Play Gateway II Gateway II Feb. 23, 2015
well done! great story and excellent challenge and game play.
Play Cube Colossus Cube Colossus Feb. 23, 2015
hmm... beat the whole game in about 1.5 hours... good game, but I feel the same as the others on a couple of points: 1. getting the best weapons after the game is done? wtf? 2. Controls are really difficult to master. There are a couple of levels that just leave me flopping around and shooting randomly to win.
Play Cube Colossus Cube Colossus Feb. 23, 2015
wtf is up with level 16?? Am I just retarted, or is that level just really damn annoying?
Play Mytheria Mytheria Feb. 23, 2015
wow, that all red deck from the top comment kicks butt! Beat all 8 challenges in just 20 minutes! Would have been faster, but that start with one life challenge took about 5 tries to get the right combination at the start...
Play i saw her across the world i saw her across the world Feb. 14, 2015
"Use the F key to function together." Yup, wink wink, nudge nuge, got it.