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Play Lost Crypts Lost Crypts Mar. 31, 2014
There's a new version up that may address the issue some players have experienced with increasing lag with long games. If you still find that the game becomes less and less responsive the more you play, please let me know.
Play Starcom Starcom Jun. 10, 2009
Right now a Kongregate exclusive, so make any comments or suggestions here and I'll see them. Even if I can't put your idea in this version, I'll keep a note of it when I do a sequel. Thanks for playing!
Play Space Mutants FROM SPACE! Space Mutants FROM SPACE! May. 30, 2009
I love the art in this game.
Play Nano War Nano War May. 20, 2008
Very promising, I like the simple game play and strategy. The pace needs to be faster (or at least a fast option). Enemy AI needs some work.
Play PlanetDefender PlanetDefender May. 07, 2008
Following numerous requests, I've added a music mute button and a restart button. Also added code that should enable Badges as soon as I get a chance to figure out the API.
Play Doeo Doeo May. 06, 2008
Great, imaginative visual design, simple to understand and excellent sound. The actual game play mechanic isn't my thing, but it's still a top-notch job. 4/5
Play PlanetDefender PlanetDefender May. 06, 2008
There's a new version up that increases your starting money in Easy and Normal mode.